The Zellies Complete Mouth Care System: Success is in the details

It is hard to believe that three old-fashioned mouth rinses could provide the key to avoiding pain and suffering, and save thousands of dollars in dental expenses!

Years ago, I made a discovery that if two well-known mouth rinses are used one after the other – the results for teeth and gums is far better than if each product is used alone. Experience convinces me that only one toothpaste can be part of this routine. The final piece of the puzzle is rinsing before brushing, and xylitol that is used to loosen plaque and balance acidity.

Most people who are looking for help have already suffered erosion, extractions, cavities or gum disease and are desperate, frustrated or out of money. Friends or family often refer, or people find me on an internet search or if they sit next to me on a flight or at a conference! Today my in-box is filled with emails about products, dental fears, tooth concerns or panic about a treatment.

My system works for everyone who uses it correctly. If you have been plagued by, or just began to get cavities, have bleeding gums, periodontal disease, bad breath, wear braces, or simply want to enjoy ultimate oral health, this system is for you. You will quickly see results in weeks – and the benefits will continue as your teeth feel better and look stronger and cleaner, year after year.

TEN Tips for Getting the Most out of the Zellies Complete Mouth Care System:

  1. Take one minute with each rinse
  2. Use morning and evening (your mouth is at most risk when you sleep)
  3. Do not use water between steps – (only to wet your toothbrush)
  4. 50% of benefits are from “the system” and 50% are from “xylitol”
  5. Use 6-10 grams of xylitol – in small amounts throughout the day
  6. Use empty product containers and match replacement products exactly – you must avoid substitutes and store brands
  7. Listerine is important and is a great rinse when used correctly as part of the system. (You will rinse away any alcohol or acidity with the last step)
  8. Original ACT is recommended – as an essential part of the system
  9. Xylitol toothpaste and rinses are NOT recommended since most are acidic, have problem ingredients or are too abrasive
  10. Children should use xylitol throughout childhood, but may start using the complete system as their permanent molars erupt around 6 years of age (and when they can rinse and spit without any problems).

To be sure you are using the correct products, order your first Zellies Complete Mouth Care System Kit online. This kit also comes with a detailed instruction booklet with how to get the most out of the System. (Or, click here to read one of my recent posts which outlines the specific products).

Take control of the oral health of you and your family today!


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  • Susan says:

    Hello. We discovered your system a few years ago and are very pleased. Recently, we have been less and less able to find the ACT Anticavity Fluoride Rinse. What seems to be available instead is ACT Anticavity Fluoride MOUTHWASH. I read the incredients, and while the fluoride is the same percentage, the ingredients are NOT the same. I went to what I think was the official ACT site, and the picture of the product they offered was that of the MOUTHWASH. Can you comment? Should we use this new stuff instead, or try to seek out the other online (IF POSSIBLE), or…what? Thank you SOOOO much. Susan

    • We took these questions to the company that makes ACT and they told us that although the listing of ingredients is new, the formulation is the same. There are so many variations in the stores – always look for the least expensive bottle (usually on the lowest shelf!) Also, avoid the bigger bottle that has recently emerged – it only has half the amount of fluoride. We suggest 0.05% is best.

  • Mike Bosanac says:

    Dr. Ellie,

    Is it ok to use Sensodyne instead of the crest toothpaste? I have been using sensodyne for a few years ever since my dentist recommended it.

    Thanks so much!

    • Hi Mike, I’m not here to tell anyone what they can or cannot use for toothpaste but, as a doctor, I like to educate patients about the difference between a quick fix and a solution for dental problems. My system of mouth care can help improve oral health, reverse gum and tooth problems (like tooth sensitivity) and prevent future damage ( by replacing minerals back into teeth etc.) but if you substitute any part of this “system” – or change the order – you will not get the same results.

      The system is specific, and Crest Cavity Protection toothpaste is my recommendation because it is the only paste I believe can adequately protect teeth before the Listerine step. Listerine is a necessary part of the process because it helps to make teeth stronger and more mineralized (and less sensitive). Without the correct toothpaste, I am afraid your teeth could get weaker and more sensitive ( and don’t blame me if this happens – because you are not doing what I recommend!)

      Sensodyne does not have the necessary qualities to be in my protocol ( because my system helps replace minerals in teeth – and will quickly make them less sensitive – naturally). Sensodyne artificially blocks holes in teeth – so your teeth may feel better for a time – but this is a temporary fix and not a permanent or natural solution to your problem. Using Sensodyne may even stop teeth from naturally repairing themselves – I don’t know this for sure, but it is certainly a possibility.

  • Cris says:

    PLEASE REPLY: Is it okay to rinse with water after spitting out the ACT rinse? ACT shouldn’t be swallowed and it leaves an after taste for a long time.

  • Mark Critchley says:

    Hello. Thanks for your valuable work! Your link for the Zellies Complete Mouth Care System Kit doesn’t work for me. Also, at I cannot find the Kit there either. Could you please email me/post the web location of this item for sale? Thank you.

    • Hi Mark, We are working to create a new shopping cart for dental products and where we will be selling the Complete Mouth Care System. This site should be ready in early 2016. This new site will be mobile friendly and will describe the Complete Mouth Care System and give tips for shopping for the necessary products. Please feel free to contact us directly by email because we can arrange to ship you a kit. is the site that probably explains the system the best!

  • Amy M says:

    Hi there, our dentist told us that the white spots on my ten year old son’s teeth are due to fluorosis. Could this rinsing regime help reduce the appearance of the white spots on his front teeth? Or should we avoid the ACT that contains fluoride? I appreciate your advice. My son is just starting to get self conscious about his appearance. Thank you.

    • My older daughters have fluorosis, because when they were infants I believed we needed to drink fluoride.
      I am totally against consuming fluoride – especially children and especially girls, since I believe fluoride can damage the thyroid gland and may affect fertility.
      On the other hand, I believe rinsing with sodium fluoride at a dilute 0.05% concentration can be very useful to strengthen teeth. You spit the rinse out – and do not consume it! As teeth strengthen, enamel will become whiter and shinier. This may help “blend”the spots on your son’s teeth and make them less noticeable.
      Before you agree to anything that cuts or damages the enamel of these teeth permanently or try to fix them with white fillings, veneers or crowns – I suggest he use the Complete Mouth Care System (Zellie’s during the day and the system morning and night) for 2 years. You may be amazed at the improvement you can achieve by strengthening and healing the enamel. If you do decide to do some cosmetic improvements later – the teeth will be more prepared and the work is more likely to last a lifetime.

    • Fluorosis only occurs during early childhood – as teeth are forming. Once this damage has happened – there is no remedy to naturally reverse these areas of poorly formed enamel. The defective enamel appears whiter than surrounding regular enamel. The Complete Mouth Care System will help regular enamel appear whiter – and this can help mask those ‘white spots” and cannot make them worse – only better!

  • Miranda says:

    HELP! My daughter is 23 months old and has been diagnosed with hypoplasia. She has two small pits on each of her upper baby molars and the lingual of her anterior uppers (except canines) look like the enamel has worn away (erosion). I used to work in the dental field and I brush her teeth as well as I can. She used to not let me very well, but is better now. She also used to be on meds for acid reflux. She doesn’t know how to spit, so the system can’t be used for her, but I was wondering if you have a modified system for her age group? Her dentist recommended fluoride varnish once a month and check ups every 3 months. She also told us to cut out all sugar. I brush her teeth with kids spry. Thanks for any and all help. My husband and I love your protocol!

    • It’s great that you and your husband are using the Complete Mouth Care System. It should be easy to share some Zellie’s mints or gum with your daughter – especially at the end of meals and snacks. Polar Bears are good for this age group – and as your daughter gets older, she can explore other selections. Just avoid xylitol products that contain glycerin – since glycerin can prevent minerals from re-mineralizing and hardening teeth.

      Your daughter’s teeth are at high risk – so you may want to consider a tiny (rice grain size) of Crest cavity protection rubbed on these damaged teeth – at least when you have the time to apply it. Its almost impossible to eliminate sugar (since this would mean cutting out fruits – fresh and dried – juices of all kinds, and every cookie, snack cracker, bread or kind of carbohydrate).
      Instead I suggest limiting these things to defined meal times – and try to keep refined sugar to a minimum. Fruits and carbohydrates digest in the mouth to become exactly the same product as sugar…so it’s important to see all these things as able to feed cavity bacteria. End all snack and “meal times” with Zellies.

  • Joe Nucci says:

    Hi Dr. Ellie…this is Joe. I used to work at the Main post office window and really liked helping you ship your packages. I use the Complete System and it works great! There aren’t many stores that carry the CloSis but I find it at Walgreens. Does it matter if I use a sonic toothbrush or is it best to use a regular one? Thank you and I hope you are well.

    • Hey Joe!! How are you? Wow great to hear from you! Glad you are using the complete mouth care system. I suggest you use a sonic brush in the morning ( when you may be in a hurry) and then a manual one at night. I will soon be posting more information about how to brush your teeth – so stay tuned. Merry Christmas and so great to hear from you! Ellie

  • Mike says:

    Hi Ellie. I JUST purchased TheraBreath Toothpaste as it was recommended on Amazon. It has Xylitol and I don’t believe it’s acidic. Do you think this will do by itself or what is your recommendation?

    I purchased TheraBreath because it doesn’t have SLS and it has Xylitol and Fluoride. When using SLS toothpaste I get more canker sores.

    Thank you very much your articles are very helpful.

    • I recommend the Complete Mouth Care System with xylitol eaten after every meal, snack and drink. The idea that toothpaste alone is enough to combat mouth problems is to simplify the mouth ecosystem. For oral health we have to balance a lot of physics, chemistry and biology. I know my system works – so perhaps try it someday and you will feel and see the difference!

      • Sherry says:

        A couple of questions — I’m using your system for a few months now and am turning 55 next month… Should I begin using the Silver Closys? With respect to Act, please confirm the Zero Alcohol Act meets the criteria for your system. It does have the .05% of sodium Flouride that you recommend above. Lastly, I believe my bad breath has a lot to do with having many crowns/fillings. My hygenist and dentist both commend me with a super clean mouth and fillings are all in tact… is there anything more that I can do to combat this feeling? Thank you!!

        • I recommend the regular Closys. I hope you use it in the system of care described on my website The method, timing and details are vital!
          Also, I suggest you avoid any “unnecessary” cleanings at the dentist. If your mouth is so healthy – then you don’t need cleanings which may upset the healthy balance of bacteria in your mouth.
          People with bad breath usually have too few good bacteria in their mouth. These good bacteria balance and protect our mouth and keep it healthy.
          Mouth health is often damaged by antibiotics, over-cleaning, and things like oil pulling, peroxide, baking soda and chlorhexidine – because these things damage the good bacteria in the mouth.
          Check on your digestive health since it impacts the quality and composition of saliva – the liquid that supports good bacteria.
          If you feel your digestive health is not perfect, my suggestion is to consider your immune system and try to improve it with a selection of good food.
          You may also want to take colon-health digestive probiotics ( DON’T waste your time on oral probiotics that don’t work) and remember to eat a wide variety of vegetables at every meal.
          Certain foods help establish good oral health by supporting saliva quality. Ensure you have green leafy vegetables with a little added butter – (so you absorb the fat-soluble minerals in the veggies). I also suggest having a little of the following: beets, onions, garlic, and other foods known to support immune system health.
          With the use of my complete mouth care system twice a day, regular use of Zellie’s mints or gum after meals, and this kind of digestive support and diet- I think you should notice dramatic improvements in your breath and mouth health over the next few months.

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