What Moms Need to Know about Oral Health

Oral Health for Pre-Pregnancy and For Moms-to-Be

Moms often do not realize how important it is to take extra care of oral health while they are pregnant. Research shows that gum disease can affect other parts the body and certain bacteria can make it more challenging to conceive.  Increasing evidence shows an association between gum disease and premature delivery and /or low birth weight babies, in addition to diabetes, heart disease and other health problems.

Consider this:

  • Gum disease is a transmissible disease
  • Bacteria are shared between people who kiss and share food
  • Harmful bacteria grow and multiply on toothbrushes
  • Clean toothbrushes every day in Listerine – rinse and dry completely between uses. Store brushes at least 10 feet from any toilet

Dental cleanings and periodontal care are safe during pregnancy but they may not reverse the risk of pre-term birth. If you have cavity-causing germs in your mouth, you can easily pass them to your baby once the baby is born.

Consider this:

  • Start improving oral health before pregnancy if possible
  • Zellies and xylitol will help control plaque and prevent bleeding gums
  • Using the Zellies Complete Mouth Care System has been shown to stop and even reverse periodontal problems for many
  • In studies, mothers using xylitol were 80% less likely to pass cavity germs to their babies – and if the children grew up with some xylitol, their risk for cavities was minimal

Do’s and Don’ts for Infant Oral Care

Studies show that bacteria that cause tooth decay are transmitted from parents to the baby in saliva. Caretakers, babysitters or grandparents can pass the germs as they hug and kiss, cuddle and feed the baby.

Consider these steps to avoid the transmission of cavity bacteria to your baby:

  • Use xylitol to “clean” your saliva – strive for 6-10 grams a day
  • Once baby is born parents can wipe xylitol onto his or her gums and new erupting teeth to help baby avoid cavities for life
  • Without cavity germs, breast-feeding will not be a hazard for baby teeth
  • Some xylitol dissolved in water can be used to heal and prevent thrush

Family Health – for Life

The mouth has been called the window of the body. We know that poor oral health can seriously impact body health in many ways. Recent advances that test mouth bacteria show that families share the same mouth bacteria. If your family has a history of bad teeth and health problems like dementia, Alzheimer’s, heart problems, stroke, digestive problems, rheumatoid arthritis or autoimmune problems, consider taking steps to protect your children from bad teeth.

Consider this:

  • Regular use of Zellies and pure xylitol can eliminate plaque from teeth
  • Use Zellies to prevent cavities and strengthen growing teeth
  • Use the Complete Mouth Care System to keep teeth shiny, healthy and strong
  • Use the Complete Mouth Care System to stop and prevent gum disease problems and reverse periodontal pocketing


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