Tooth Grinding and Xylitol

Dear Dr. Ellie:

I am a teeth grinder and it seems like I had the right instincts: I have been doing the “bottle of water with a packet of xylitol rinsi thing” for quite some time already. It feels incredibly soothing to me to do this throughout the day…whenever I feel to. So, it looks like I am on the right track with this; even more so with any kind of appliance in my mouth, it makes total sense.

I think I might end up taking a more conservative route rather than go for all the “invasive treatment” the dentist has in mind. (The treatment is also many thousands of dollars……and I am quite overwhelmed and stressed out by that…!!!!) I like his holistic perspective and I think he does do excellent work. However, I ask myself if all this work is really necessary. Especially now, that I am having this great experience with your system!!

I have to trust that my own clarity will be forthcoming on this. After doing so well with your system now, I will give it some time and let all major decisions happen later from a new perspective. And my mouth may be in quite a different shape in another 6 months to 1 year….! – M

Hi M,

I think it is very interesting to read about people’s dental experiences and advice.I only want to add a couple of facts:Most people grind their teeth.I grind my teeth a lot but have no dental damage.Tooth grinding usually damages women’s teeth when the patient is stressed, during hormonal changes or during periods of life uncertainty. Most men see damage from tooth grinding when they have dry mouth because of older age or after taking medications that dry the mouth as a side effect .The main reason teeth are damaged during stressful times is because stress causes saliva to become acidic. Therefore during stressful times teeth will be softened by this acidic saliva, and soft teeth are obviously more likely to be damaged by tooth grinding!

When teeth are dry because patients have dry mouth, tooth grinding damages teeth because saliva usually acts as lubrication to prevent friction and prevent damage. If saliva dries up, this makes your mouth like a car engine without oil, and therefore your teeth are prone to damage.My system will strengthen your teeth and make them more acid-resistant. This resistance will limit damage that can be caused by tooth grinding. If you regularly use xylitol to reverse softening and demineralization then you will also limit the amount of damage done by tooth grinding.

I know there are lots of theories about occlusion and why it makes us grind our teeth. I personally believe that seeking a relaxing past time, yoga etc… control mouth and body acidity will help control your oral problems and also benefit your general health (which can easily be damaged by an acidic state).

You may want to test your salivary pH during the day and on different occasions to find out what activities or relaxation techniques make it more alkaline. For me it is gardening, lying in the sunshine on the beach and taking a sauna.Good luck.

I would recommend before doing anything, you take several steps back and look at your picture from a wide angle lens for a while not close up focused on a tooth or two!

Best Wishes,

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