Baby Teeth & Xylitol

Dear Dr. Ellie:

My daughter is suffering from EEC. I think the beginning was probably me sharing eating utensils with her, and then I think my giving her juice in a bottle made it progress quickly. At the time, I didn’t know better, and that was how I got her to take vitamins, by putting them in juice. I no longer do that. She ONLY drinks milk and a sippy cup with at least a teaspoon of xylitol in it. She gets xylitol after every meal, and I had been giving her Sparx throughout the day, but will switch to Zellies as soon as they come in. I honestly don’t know what else to do. I know that I am doing this as thoroughly and maybe more than you recommend, even. I brush her teeth with a tiny bit of Crest, and then at least 5 millimeters of the Act rinse 2-3 times a day, as well. She spits well, so I am comfortable using it. As for now, I no longer know what is making this worse. I feel as if I am doing everything correctly. I clean the toothbrushes, xylitol, Act, plenty of Calcium. I’m at a loss.

I didn’t expect the larger cavities to fill up immediately, maybe not even at all, but I did expect it to at least arrest, as you mentioned once. Perhaps I should tell you how I do it, and you will see a mistake. She has Sparx as soon as she wakes up. After meals, I give her first gum, to get the food out of the cavity, then the granular and a couple Sparx. I usually wait about thirty minutes and then brush. Then an hour or so later and every so often she gets more Sparx and xylitol water until the next meal, and we start over. We brush with Act before bed, as well. That is our routine.

Thanks. You’re awesome. 🙂

– N

Hi N,

It sounds as if you are doing great and I would say you are doing everything possible. You cannot do more.

If you continue to use these healing methods with xylitol then your daughters other teeth will also become stronger and any fillings she needs, will last. You are doing the best you can, which means you cannot do better. ( My Dad would tell me this, and I think it is a very calming piece of advice!!)

Every mother needs to consider the possibility of cavity forming bacteria transferred from caretakers and adults to the baby. My goal is to better educate young Moms. I wish mouth bacteria were colored so we could SEE them in our children’s mouth! Parents could then see how easily children are infected.

This transfer is impossible to control the best idea is to use xylitol from an early age to prevent harmful bacteria from taking hold.Xylitol makes harmful bacteria less sticky so they do not stick to the teeth. There is no sensible or realistic way to stop this transfer I think it is not only unrealistic but crazy to tell families to avoid sharing food or kisses just use some xylitol!

It is easy to clean away harmful bacteria with five exposures to xylitol each day!!
Of course, cleaning parents’ mouths and toothbrushes is also important but you don’t have to get fillings done to “clean” away bacteria.

Xylitol works, even for people who do not have access to dental care.

Using granular xylitol is the least expensive way to enjoy this tooth changing natural product; Zellies, Sparx and all the other pure xylitol products will offer people choice and delicious alternatives depending on which product you prefer taste and texture wise. They truly are HEALTHY CANDIES!!!

Good luck and please let me know the outcome!
How wonderful that you discovered xylitol now, in time to make a real difference to your daughter’s future.

Best Wishes,

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Rochester, NY 14623

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