2-year old with severe decay

Dr. Ellie,

This week we took our two year old son to the dentist. Dentist recommending general anesthesia to do 4 composite crown anteriors and 2 vital pulpotomy w/ stainless steel crowns. I can see dark holes in his molars. Front 4 teeth are decreasing in size because of decay and one appears chipped. Front four teeth are partly yellow in color.

The dentist we saw for our two-year-old-son told me to stop night-time breast-feeding and discouraged ACT because he feared our son would not spit it out. I understand how we could use it instead of toothpaste, thank you for the idea. We have been playing what we call “The Spit Game” with baking soda for about 1 week and most of the time he spits. Should we try this with ACT? Should we do this with Xylitol water so he moves it around his mouth? 

Our son is already eating Zellies and he loves them. We got the fruit. Thanks for the idea of using Xylitol as a drink. We just bought Xylitol grains today 🙂

Is it possible to get too much Xylitol? Do you recommend any dietary changes? We have read about doing Vit K, raw milk, bone broths, organ meat, calcium, homeopathics calc phos and calc fluor? Do you have any recommendations for how I should eat to help make good milk for our son and prepare my body for a future pregnancy? Do you recommend fillings, pulpotomies, or pulling teeth? How long should we wait and see? Should we get x-rays of the teeth? The dentist did not do x-rays. He had it on the list of items to do in one month when E was under GA and having 2 pulpotomies with stainless caps and 4 composite crowns.

I realize you may not be able to answer all of the above questions without seeing him yourself. Your thoughts are greatly appreciated. I am so looking forward to teaching other Mom’s and friends about how Xylitol cured our son’s cavaties.

Many thanks.
L and D


First RED FLAG  No baking soda!!!! Please!
Baking soda upsets the protective film you must develop to have strong and healthy teeth.
As I said , start with xylitol and water.

One teaspoon is a good amount of xylitol to start with then about two is a good daily amount.
Somewhere between one and two teaspoons is the “dose” you need each day to “clean” the mouth. Higher doses are safe, but I recommend xylitol as a tooth protective product and this small amount is all you need. More does not help teeth more!!

Diabetics add xylitol to foods in place of sugars and it is safe to consume even large quantities ( even a quarter of a pound a day). Personally I think all foods even healthy ones should be eaten in moderation!

When you start brushing use just a drop of ACT on the brush.
ACT will not be used as a rinse for such a small child just use it in place of toothpaste.

Your son’s diet is important for health but not essential for dental health if you do the two things I suggest. (Xylitol in at least 5 divided doses plus exposure to ACT)

A good diet is important for health plenty of vitamins in foods, and all dairy products help bring minerals to teeth. Xylitol will work no matter the diet – so you can relax – make his diet the best you can, for his overall health.

If you were my patient I would not stop you from breast feeding at night.

When you eliminate cavity-forming bacteria with “xylitol treatments” during the day, there is no risk from breast milk to harm teeth. It is sugars in breast milk that feed cavity forming bacteria but if you don’t have any then there will be no problem.

I feel the health benefits from breast feeding far outweigh any concern during the next 5 weeks (the time when the xylitol is ridding the mouth of harmful bacteria).

If you are going to help other motherstell them to start “cleaning” their own mouths with xylitol before baby is born. Then expose the infant to a tiny amount of xylitol each day, as he or she grows. Remember frequency is more important than quantity.

At first, use xylitol to wipe new teeth, then add xylitol to water as an occasional drink.
At age appropriate levels use Zellies after juice, snacks etc to take away mouth acidity and reduce cavity forming bacteria on teeth.

If you have “bacterially clean” teeth mothers need not worry about breast milk doing any damage even at night and even if they do not clean teeth.

Without cavity forming bacteria breast milk cannot damage teeth. Period!

Good luck and I wish you health and happiness!
I hope I answered most of your questions.

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