White Teeth and Braces

Hi Dr. Ellie,

I just found your blog and am going to try out your system. I just have a question. My son recently got braces, and before they were put on, his teeth were yellowish. I am planning to put him on the system as well, but he is concerned that his exposed teeth will be white, while the teeth that are underneath the braces will remain yellowish. Is this a concern? Thank you for any information!


Hi S,

The quick answer is don’t worry put your son onto the system ASAP!
He may notice very temporary (two days ) color difference when the braces come off, but even that is unlikely we have not had any reports from anyone else.

Yellow teeth mean teeth are soft. Soft teeth are at risk for damage. My system does not CHANGE tooth color this is explained in detail in the “whitening” chapter of my book Kiss Your Dentist Goodbye, available on www.amazon.com.

Basically teeth are covered by a glass layer which has no color at all (this is the enamel layer).
The color teeth is “caused” by light reflecting off the surface of this glass layer.

When light penetrates this layer ( for example, when teeth are soft) teeth look yellow and dull in color. When this enamel layer is hard and strong, light bounces off the surface and teeth “appear” ( to someone looking at them) white.

Today people are preoccupied by wanting “white” teeth. They will sacrifice health and comfort of their teeth so in the bathroom mirror they look “white”.

Oral care companies fuel this desire along with many dentists….why?( Most dentist admit whitening damages teeth, but say they HAVE to provide the service, because THAT IS WHAT PEOPLE WANT!)

My system will gently remove any surface stains, improve gum health and strengthen teeth.
This results in healthy gums and shinier, brighter and nicer looking teeth.

In the bathroom mirror (under fluorescent light) you may not be totally happy with the color of your teeth. Interestingly (in daylight) when friends look at your teeth, they will appear white to them. (the reason is explained by the reflection process described above).

I encourage you and your son to give the system a try and if you have other questions, please let me know! Good luck and yes, get him going on the system he will be so happy with the results!

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