Crowns on Baby Teeth

Dear Dr. Ellie:

I have a son that was recommended he get 6 crowns on his baby teeth. This seems extreme and a bit drastic to me and I am looking for alternatives. I am getting a second opinion and had a friend (dental hygienist) look at his x-rays and she said that she couldn’t see why he would need six. She said that there was one spot that was pretty big and that he may need fillings but six crowns seemed drastic. I have started him on your program but it is very difficult to have him use mint toothpaste, he says it is hot and burns his mouth, then he cries and it becomes a fight. Is there any child alternative to original crest?

Dear B,

I suggest you use granular xylitol ( from our website or from any health food store) and dissolve a teaspoon in a little water and use this liquid to wipe or brush over his teeth. Alternatively you can use a drop of bubblegum ACT rinse to wet the toothbrush and brush teeth with this it tastes good and works with xylitol to help repair the damaged teeth. You can even use a mix and match one day xylitol one day ACT if that works best.

Keep exposing teeth to xylitol strive for 5 times a day. A little often is key!! Xylitol can be eaten off a spoon, dissolved in water or wiped on teeth. You want a total of about a teaspoon a day split up into multiple times a day: BE CREATIVE!!!

Check back with me if you find this is not working.
I suggest you give up on using toothpaste for now.

Also Zellies fruit mints are great for kids you and your family (and this includes any caretaker of your child) must also ensure that your own mouths are healthy.

Adults in this family also need to consider xylitol themselves: to make certain that none of you are infecting your child with cavity bacteria. Often parents focus on their child and do not realize that their own mouths are the source of the infection, every time you kiss or share food with your child.

If you sip, eat or chew xylitol 5 times a day anyone can easily clean away cavity bacteria from their mouth and ensure they are not part of the child’s problem!

Good luck and let me know if you have more questions.

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