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Dear Dr. Ellie:

Thank you soo much for your practical advice. After having near perfect teeth till my forties, it seems like they have been going steadily down hill for the last 20 years–till I started your program 6 months ago. My check up today was a big improvement. I am trying to remineralize a small cavity. It hasn’t gone away, but it hasn’t gotten worse, so my dentist will continue to keep a watch on it. The other issue is the deep staining I am getting around the gum line. I have had periodontal work and continue to see the periodontist, but the hygienist commented on how stubborn the stain was. It seems I’ve substituted tons of plaque for this new stain. Will the stains improve with time on your program, or I am I just stuck with this. The dentist said eating a lot of spinach could also cause this.


Dear JC

Hi there,

I am delighted to hear that your cavity has not become worse in the last 6 months and that your gums are healthier. I think this is terrific news after you report 20 years of going down hill! I am actually delighted about the stain (read below!) When you start on my program, the immediate results are that you “freeze” dental time so your oral heal will stabilize, and not get worse. (You are here) Now you have “cleaned up the problems” (this takes about 6 months) your tooth condition will now improve making your teeth shinier and brighter every year for at least two years.

Two and a half years after starting the program, I think you will be delighted with the results! As you maintain wonderful oral health, your confidence will grow (dental exam by dental exam) as you are commended on the improvements.This is “patient empowerment” controlling your own oral health using only a selection of over-the-counter mouth rinses and xylitol! Don’t be concerned about the staining.

When oral health suddenly improves this stain is expected and is normal this stain is dead plaque.When you had bleeding gums, the irritating plaque bacteria were attached/stuck to your teeth. As this system kills them off, their sticky tendrils remain firmly attached to your tooth. No amount of brushing can remove their dead remains so they form a band of dark staining around your teeth. It should be easily removed with ultrasonic cleaners at your dentist office. If you stay on my system it will not return again it is a one-time stain. Here is the link to information about staining that is posted on my website: The great news is, that now you have killed off all the sticky plaque bacteria, this stain will not return if you stay on the system. Make sure you keep eating enough xylitol (6.5 grams each day) to ensure this sticky plaque will not return to your mouth!Make sure to keep your toothbrush cleaned every day and allow it to completely dry between use.

Congratulations you are at the start of a great oral health journey! Please keep in touch and thanks so much for your message,


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  • Anonymous says:

    Dr. Ellie, Maybe JC is using Crest Pro-Health instead of your recommended regular toothpaste. It can cause this tough stain, too. Even when using an ultrasonic it doesn't "easily" clean off. The stannous fluoride can stain MANY people.

  • Dr. Ellie says:

    I have head so many negative things about Pro-Health: especially people with sensitivity and also this staining that stannous fluoride causes.I suggest ONLY to use sodium fluoride in a toothpaste and make sure that it is made without chalk……so leave the "new" pastes on the shelf and pick Crest Regular original! There is a lot of agreement from health professionals about this!Thanks for your comment! Ellie http://www.zellies.com26 Corporate WoodsRochester, NY 14623(585) 272-1270

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