Hi Dr. Ellie-

This might sound crazy, but I started using the Complete Mouth Care System around the middle of July (three weeks). I AM ALREADY SEEING RESULTS!! Am I imagining this?

I have some gum recession, with worn enamel around the gum that looks like ridges. Over the past three weeks, those areas appear to be less noticeable, as if new enamel is being built there. Can this be true? Also, I used to see very faint “lines” on the surface of my teeth, almost like little fault-lines. Those are disappearing, too!!

Thank you so much, from the bottom of my heart, for making it possible for healing to occur! Please never retire!!


Hi L,

You are lucky – not crazy!
You are experiencing a complete turn around of your oral health.

I am delighted for you – and I can tell you that this kind of success will continue – year after year if you continue to use these products exactly as the “recipe” explains. I wish you all the fun and enjoyment from this success.

I only have one thing to caution you – (not to dampen your enthusiasm). In some cases, where oral health improves very quickly – you may get a thin band of staining around the edges of your teeth.

Don’t worry – it will polish away! Old infected plaque has hairy attachments and some of these may have extended into the softer cement on the root surface of your tooth. These hairs are “stuck” into the soft cement and it will take a dental cleaning to polish them away.

This should not change what you are doing, and it is not a problem of any kind. I mention it because I do not want you to be disappointed if you notice a thin band of staining at the gum level.

Don’t worry – this stain is actually a healthy sign because it is made up of old sticky bacteria that are dead and gone. Your next cleaning will get rid of this staining and these bad plaque remnants will be gone forever!

Here is a link to explain this on my website.

Congratulations on your success – please keep in touch!


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  • De Liliis says:

    Thank you for this info Ellie! God bless you I pray.I am having the exact same experience. I am about 3-4 weeks into this regimen, and my teeth are whiter and feel better, but I noticed the staining and wondered how bad my teeth really were, it's reassuring to hear what it is.

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