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Hello Dr Ellie,

Thank you SO much for providing such useful information for those of us with sensitive teeth. I have a quick question for you re: the brand of ACT we should be using.

I went to my local drugstore and the ACT for kids was on sale. Is this an ok substitution? it seems that it has the same ingredients as the anti-cavity, just the flavoring is different. Plus, it has no alcohol.

Also, will I have to perform this routine for the rest of my life? or after my teeth harden in a few months, can I get away with chewing less gum / having fewer mints, etc. / not mouthwashing everyday…

Thanks again for your help


Any of the three original flavors of ACT will work for you. Mint, Cinnamon or Bubblegum is great.

Your second question is interesting and I am often asked this.
It all depends on your “Risk Factors”. Risk Factors – are reasons why you get weak/damaged teeth.

If you have no Risk Factors you will not be at risk for weak/damaged teeth – (then you may be safe to eat less xylitol and do less rinsing). If you have one or more Risk Factors they will potentially weaken and damage your teeth – unless you use the system.

Risk Factors are very simple – ACIDITY and MOUTH DRYNESS are the two reasons.
However – you need to explore all the reasons why people have an acidic or a dry mouth.
Here are a few of the reasons for mouth acidity:

Getting Older
Being Pregnant
Acid Reflux
Talking a lot
Drinking any juice, soda, coffee, lemon-flavored drinks, sports drinks etc
On a sugary diet that promotes the growth of acid-producing plaque

Hope this helps you to be encouraged – and stay on the system!
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