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Dear Dr. Ellie,

I am not looking at the rinse at the moment I think it is called Closys??? Anyways, do I use 2 cap fulls like it says on the back? I know you said to not listen to what the labels say but I wasn’t sure about that rinse.

I used the Mouthcare System products last night for the first time and my mouth felt new and refreshed. I also think the fruit mints taste like bubble gum and like the gum as well.

The date I started the system was Oct 14 so 3 months from now I am looking for results and I think I will see them…

Thanks soo much and keep me updated on anything else that may help my problem. Thanks again for taking the time to email me.


Hi JW,

Any amount of rinse is fine you need enough Closys to swish around in your mouth.
I like to swish it around my molar teeth and over my tongue to help clean the back of my mouth.
Some people use the Closys in their WaterPic machines but swishing works fine for most people.

The only rinse to be careful with is the Listerine. Do not swish Listerine for too long especially if you have sensitive teeth. I would not use this rinse any longer than 30 seconds that is long enough to kill the germs but not do damage to your enamel.

Immediately you spit out the Listerine, start to rinse with ACT

Use enough ACT for comfort and keep THIS rinse in your mouth for as long as possible. Think of ACT as moisturizer for your teeth smoothing out the dry, flaky enamel and making it smooth and shiny!

The longer the ACT is in contact with your teeth the more soothing and smoothing you will enjoy. Spit it out at the end and try not to eat or drink for at least half an hour after using this rinse.

I want a progress report in a couple of months!
Good luck,

Ellie Phillips, DDS

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