Hi Dr. Ellie: 

I still cannot believe I found your website and you! I am so grateful for you. I am doing everything you told me and although it is slow, you did tell me that, slowly it is better not slowly getting worse. I will continue to always use the rinses as I fear the worse if I stop. I am still so amazed that something as simple as a rinse can do so much good. Why isn’t this told to a lot of people? So much pain would be avoided! I go back to the oral surgeon for my post op this Thursday and will tell her how this wonderful system is working for me. She did tell me that during this visit which will be 7 weeks after my surgery, that she would give me a courtesy opinion of the sensitive tooth in question. Boy is she going to be surprised.

Dr Ellie: do you think in time I will be able to eat on this side and not experience the sensitivity? I wish there were a dentist like you near my home, I would be so ecstatic. Thanks again for your help, your gift, and most of all your time to explain things to me. You are a true gift from God. God Bless you and your family. I will give you another update soon.

Dear M,

Thanks for the great update. I do not think anyone can tell you what may happen to already damaged teeth
but I say keep your fingers crossed! You sound happy and I am glad that your teeth are feeling generally better.

The system that I recommend was developed by thinking about teeth logically, with common sense. You ask why others do not know this well, often it is hard to believe something simple can be good.

The system was really developed by patients themselves. As a dentist I looked in many mouths and discovered that people using certain products had really nice teeth. I was in a very busy office often seeing 60 patients a day. I saw all kinds of people and I talked with everyone.

Next I started to tell the people with bad teeth to use the products that worked for the people with good teeth.

I put the facts together. This was not an idea developed by a company trying to sell a product line.

Unfortunately dentists today do not treat their patients the way we used to, years ago. I am old enough to have worked before the era of hygienists and periodontists. I treated the whole family and would could check plaque on teeth before a cleaning or treatment. We always had discussions about what patients ate and how they cleaned their teeth. We looked for risk factors the reasons WHY they had good or bad teeth.

Today most patients go for a “cleaning” long before a doctor “looks” at their teeth. So much information is lost during this cleaning. Where else do you get treatment BEFORE you see the doctor? What if you DO NOT NEED a cleaning? Is it good to have one even if you do not need one?

This is a great topic for discussion! Today many decisions are based on what insurance pays. I think this is unfortunate.

Good luck and I am hoping for more happy reports after your next dental visit. Remember to keep your toothbrush clean and enjoy your Zellies!


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