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Hi Dr. Ellie:

I am back from my trip to PA and wanted to give you an update.

–>20 days using rinses and crest
–>13 days using Zellies

Thanks to you, I have noticed a slight improvement. The cold sensitivity is not “shocking” as it was, but there is still a slight reaction to cold. But then again, I am not eating on that side yet. Had a teaspoon of ice cream last week and of course the tooth reacted but only for a split second. But if I put the rinses on it, no reaction. If I drink water, no reaction. Is that a good sign?

How much longer do you think before I see more improvement. Will the cold sensitivity continue to decrease?

No reaction to HOT.

I just read in my local paper an article on teeth with large amalgam fillings. It said that molars with large fillings will develop vertical and horizontal cracks in the teeth near the cusps. Eventually, the cracks can go deeper into the tooth root and the tooth will need to be pulled, or need root canal. Can you just briefly tell me what this means? Is this why I am having a problem all of sudden on this one tooth, which also happens to have a large filling in it, (filling was done years ago) I do not want another extraction. I know last December the xrays showed nothing wrong with the tooth, and the dentist told me that it was just a sensitive tooth and said that nothing can be done. (I guess he didn’t know about your system!)

I love the mint zellies. they are great.


Hi M,

Your report of less sensitivity to cold is a very good sign. Ice cream only a small reaction wow!
I would expect another three weeks on the program should be enough for you to forget those sensitive days.

You will need to continue the rinses and eating some xylitol to constantly protect your teeth especially if you have acidic saliva. Personally, I depend on Zellies. Without them I would have sensitive teeth my own saliva is often acidic. This would quickly damage my teeth without the protection that comes from xylitol.

Large fillings are embedded into a tooth. I describe them looking like a brick in a wall , surrounded by a thin layer of cement. Problems start when the cement layer dissolves away.

This happens if acidity in your mouth dissolves the cement layer. Mouth acidity dissolves the cement and also damages the thin surrounding tooth enamel that supports this filling.

Once the enamel and the cement have chipped or dissolved away, the filling is left “floating” without a seal around it (imagine a brick that has lost its surrounding mortar).

Liquids can flow down the channel between the filling and the tooth (where the cement used to be) and stagnate underneath the filling right by the nerve of the tooth. This is why the nerve gets involved and the decay will continue UNDER the filling. As the filling sinks deeper into the softened tooth it will crack the tooth and often this is when a tooth’s life is over and it needs to be extracted.

The good news is that if you use using healing mouth rinses and xylitol you will encourage minerals to pack holes in your teeth and build back strength into weak places even under a filling. As the liquids travel down into open spaces they will help heal, repair and stop the disease process.

You need all the ingredients in my system to make this happen: without the rinses the xylitol may take too long to deal with the damage. Without xylitol the harmful bacteria could continue to live in the deeper tooth layers. You need it all the rinses combined with xylitol will give you amazing results.

I await your report from your next six month check up!

Take care,

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  • Anonymous says:

    I could not find out how to ask a questions so will try this. I had a wisdon tooth filled Feb. 10, 2009 since that time I have had problems with that tooth and other teeth hurting then being sensitive…all upper near this recently filled wisdom tooth( someeimtes it even felt like all of my upper teeth hurt. I saw an endontist because the the second tooth from the wisdom tooth had a root canal 40 years ago. The pain and sensitivity went from a metallic taste to a metallic/ sweet taste that seems to be coming from the upper right side. I no longer have the pain or sensitivity but once a dull ache on all right upper teeth. I also had a Sinus xray that showed clear sinuses( ST Scan or MRI). Then I have had bronchitis for 2 months. I have been on Levaquin for 20 days during the last month…and on several days of prednisone. This metallic sweet tast is awful( Oh I also saw an oral surgeon about removing that filled wisdom tooth( the filling is so big he couldn't believe the dentist filled a wisdom tooth( it is the last tooth on the upper left) I had teeth removed years ago when I had braces so I have been chedwing on wisdom teeth that had room to come in.My dentist that I no longer trust said it was probably the antibiotics I had been on for bronchitis and to wait another week for the metallic sweet taste to go away. It is awful. I would appreciate any suggestions.I had the three upper teeth near the wisdon tooth x-rayed again this past Tue. This dentist saw nothing wrong. These problems all started with the wisdom tooth being filled.It has a large silver( almalgam?) filling.I wouls appreciate any suggestions. I plan to get some zylotol(sp?) gum and PH strips to test for acidity. I take Prilosec for acid refulx.

  • Dr. Ellie says:

    Hi there, I would recommend xylitol for you as soon as possible. The acidity that is causing the problems is probably from your acid reflux.Although acid reflux medications mask the symptoms, you may still have an acidic mouth.Mouth acidity can cause bad tasting and damaging bacteria to grow. Eating a little xylitol throughout the day will help you quickly. Make sure you eat at least 6.5 grams each day – or a little more.Xylitol is most effective if you eat it in divided doses – five or six times a day.This is why the little breath mints or gum make this easy – granular xylitol will work, providing you remember to eat some at the end of each meal. I would recommend Closys rinse ( from Walgreens) before you brush your teeth.Use the Closys without any flavor, rinsing for 2-3 minutes before brushing. I would recommend you brush with Crest original toothpaste – and a clean toothbrush.(To clean your toothbrush dip the head of the brush in some Listerine, agitate for a few seconds and then rinse under running water.Store your brush away from the toilet area of your bathroom – but allow air to circulate around the brush so that it dries out completely each day). If you do this I think your taste will get better quickly.DO NOT use peroxide and do not use baking soda in any form or combined in any toothpaste. Use the Closys and the Original Crest – and you will be amazed.Don't forget the xylitol – at least 6.5 grams a day! Good luck – I am sure this will help you quickly.Please let me know how things go. Best Wishes,Ellie Ellie Phillips DDSwww.zellies.com26 Corporate WoodsRochester, NY 14623(585) 272-1270

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