Monosodium Phosphate

Hi Ellie,

I just read in a health mailing I received that monosodium phosphate is good for rebuilding tooth enamel. Do you have any knowledge about this substance?

thank you.


Dear F,

In order to rebuild tooth enamel the process requires calcium and phosphate minerals, however these minerals are available in our saliva. The process that I recommend for tooth care uses mouth rinses and xylitol to encourage these minerals to go into your teeth by adjusting the pH of the mouth and also stimulating mineral rich saliva to flow around your teeth.

If you rinse with the dilute sodium fluoride (ACT) solution, it works as a catalyst to encourage these minerals into your teeth to rebuild them. The longer the dilute solution of sodium fluoride is in contact with the tooth surface, the more minerals will flow into the tooth. This is why I recommend using ACT at the end of the mouth rinse system.

When you spit out the ACT rinse, a residue remains in the pits and fissures of the tooth surface the very places where teeth crumble and crack. ACT has always been my favorite dilute sodium fluoride rinse because of its so-called “inactive” ingredients. It appears that these inactive ingredients make ACT residue to flow around the tooth surface and help the liquid linger a little longer on the tooth.

If you just used a solution of sodium fluoride it would wash off the tooth surface quicker and not be as effective.

Xylitol also helps rebuild teeth in the deeper layers. Xylitol helps move calcium and phosphates from the saliva in your mouth (they naturally occur in the mouth liquids) into your teeth.

I am happy with the system that I recommend and do not believe that there is much to improve it. I know some studies from years ago that compared sodium fluoride with sodium monoflourophosphate and found the simple sodium fluoride compound was much more effective.

I am always interested to help you find the way through this confusing jungle!

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  • Anonymous says:

    Yes, rinse your teeth with sodium fluoride and ignore all of the research available on this compound and the harmful effects it has on a human body. Although you spit it out, does not mean you don’t end up digesting it. How can you avoid last 60 years worth of research on sodium fluoride.

  • Anonymous says:

    FYI – GOOD TEETH FROM BIRTH TO DEATHwith DR. GERARD F. JUDD, Ph.D.GOODBYE TO TOOTH CAVITIES! GUM INFECTION IS NOW ENDED!by Dr. Gerard F. Judd, Ph.D., Chemistry and Fluoride ResearcherMay 5, 2001I now place in everyone’s hand the complete answer to tooth cavities. Following this procedure there will not be one more cavity, one more gingivitis case, or one more fluorosed, brittle, cracked tooth in the world. Bad teeth in Ireland, Canada, the USA, Britain, Australia and New Zealand will now be curbed. The 55-year fight with fluoride promoters (dentists) in these countries is over since research now establishes for certain that fluoride makes the teeth WORSE and not better (refs 1,2,3). My book, Good Teeth, Birth to Death lays out in no uncertain terms all the detail to achieve my claims.I have talked to thousands of people about their teeth, many of whom have perfect teeth. In all those cases of perfect teeth, the practice of rinsing while eating has been the reason, and not fluoride. I am convinced that perfect teeth have little or nothing to do with genetics. The best way to have perfect teeth besides staying away from greedy or incompetent dentists is to pursue the following behavior:1. Rinse acids off the teeth during eating (ref 4).2. Brush the teeth with bar soap (ref 5).3. Take calcium pills with vitamin D daily (ref 6).4. Take monosodium phosphate daily (ref 7).5. Take freshly made sodium ascorbate daily for gum connections to the teeth (ref 8).6. Dispense with the worry that bacteria harm teeth: THEY CANNOT (ref 9).7. Dispense with the worry that sugar destroys teeth. I find sugar has little or nothing to do with cavities (ref 10).8. Avoid all fluoride products. They destroy teeth, unravel enzymes and cause 113 ailments (ref 11).

  • Dr. Ellie says:

    Thank you for this reference. I have no argument with the ideas you share.I imagine that you have nice healthy teeth. I agree that #1 priority is getting acids off teeth.Rinsing teeth with alkaline water is a great way to get acids off teeth. I promote a number of “tooth friendly” drinks and foods to get acidity off teeth at the end of a meal. I suggest rinsing with alkaline water, cows milk, vegetable or other broths or tooth friendly foods like celery, nuts or fresh apples. I also suggest eating xylitol to stimulate a flow of alkaline rich saliva to flow into your mouth that will rinse acidity away. I agree that diet and sufficient calcium and vitamin D are vital for general and dental health I agree that sugar plays only a small part in the caries process – and should not be the focus of caries prevention. I agree that if your mouth has healthy bacteria in it – they cannot harm teeth.I agree that healthy bacteria actually protect teeth from cavities and gum disease. The problem is unhealthy bacteria. Unhealthy acid-producing and sticky bacteria transmit easily and are shared by spouses and families. Teeth can be infected at certain times when they become vulnerable – (for example after a course of antibiotics, or even after a cleaning at the dentist). I don’t know which part of your system would re- establish healthy and rid the mouth of unhealthy bacteria ( my system will ensure the control of unhealthy and promotion of healthy bacteria each day). If people follow Dr. Judd’s guidelines, do they get better and really end up with perfect gums and teeth – without the need for dental treatments? Here in upstate NY our water is acidic and fluoridated – I don’t know if I want to rinse with this at the end of each meal!I would feel safer rinsing the acidity off my teeth with my own alkaline saliva (generated by eating Zellies). What say you? What do you use to rinse your teeth? My system is promoted to help those who are not able to rinse acidity off their teeth with safe alkaline water. My system also builds up unusual strength and acid-resistance in teeth. This extra strength allows the system to help everyone, especially those with conditions like acid reflux or high risk factors like allergies or dry mouth. My system also helps those who do not have as much dedication as you – because it is easy, simple to understand, enjoyed and gives great results. I think we share many ideas which is why conversation and dialogue is so interesting.Thanks again for getting back to me.Ellie

  • Dr. Ellie says:

    You have very strong views about fluoride and I understand where they originated.I feel strongly about fluoride and I do not give it total endorsement. The subject is not black and white. I believe that only sodium fluoride should be used. I believe that there are uses of fluoride that save people from fillings ( and I believe all filling materials are a much greater health hazard than rinsing with dilute 0.05% sodium fluoride.) I only recommend 0.05% concentrations. On the other hand, I do not think fluoride should go into our water supplies. I am very familiar with the subject of fluorosis. I gave my children born in the 1970s the fluoride that dentists then believed in.My lovely daughters have moderate fluorosis on their front teeth.I was very angry about this and even wrote a thesis on fluoride. I have read books, watched videos, followed the Bauxite story, looked at recent Evidence Based reviews and listened to Dr.Mercola’s opinions along with many others who disagree with the use of any fluoride. You are welcome to your opinion. For over 30 years I have studied fluoride, written about it, read about it and formed my own clinical opinions as a chairside dentist. I can tell you that all my family all uses a fluoride rinse every day. You may be fortunate and have the mouth chemistry to enjoy perfect oral health. In this case, you do not need my help or my suggestions. Many people come to me in frustration with sensitive, weak teeth, stained or chipped teeth, or poor oral health and high risk factors.I know that my system can help them – so I give them my best information and suggest the best products that I know will solve their problems and help them avoid dental treatments. I respect my oath of “doing no harm”. Believe me, I take fluoride seriously. I thank you for your interest in my blog and I hope that you will understand that I respect your position, but the fluoride debate is a lengthy one!Ellie

  • frommo says:

    Have just read report on NATURALNEWS website.Many studies indicate that mouth washes (ACT included because it contains alcohol) that contain alcohol result in greatly increased risk of mouth cancer.(4-5 times those non-users)The report indicates a number of worldwide studies for this risk.Smokers and alcohol drinkers manifest a much greater risk.Just a thought, Ron

  • Dr. Ellie says:

    I have not had time to look at these studies but ACT mint anticavity rinse does not contain Alcohol. I strive for balance – risks from filling materials vs. other risks.I use the system that I recommend. I believe it to be safe.Sorry, that is the best I can do to agree on this one! Ellie

  • Anonymous says:

    alkaline means Baking Soda. It should neutralize any mouth acids.

  • rrschimel says:

    The first documented use of sodium fluoride in drinking water was found in Germany's Nazi prison camps. There were are told that allegedly the reason for medicating the water supply was to sterilize women and force the inhabitants of these camps into calm submission. (Ref. book: "The Crime and Punishment of I.G.Farben" by Joseph Borkin)This same sodium fluoride, which we now drink in the name of fighting tooth decay, has been used as rat poison for nearly 40 years.

  • Dr. Ellie says:

    I suggest that anyone with issues and concerns about fluoride read my chapter on Fluoride in Kiss Your Dentist Goodbye. I spell out the concerns I have along with the uses for fluoride and how it can benefit people. There is a long story around fluoride and concerns – but I cover these in this book and suggest a balanced approach.I do not suggest ingesting fluoride – but rinsing with a stable salt in dilute concentration. Interesting that only a tiny amount of fluoride is needed for dental health – more is not better.I wonder why so many people are being given strong fluoride toothpastes by their dentists?? – more than ever this month…….I suggest the weaker solution of ACT is better than the stronger gels. http://www.zellies.com26 Corporate WoodsRochester, NY 14623

  • Anonymous says:

    Just remember Flouride is poison… The main ingredient in mouse & rat bait.

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