Waterpic & Closys

Dear Dr. Ellie. 

I have gum problem do you think I would benefit from using a water pic? If so, should I add Closys and if so, how much (and how often)?

Again, many thanks.

Be well,


Dear Ted,

Some people like the Water Pic to help conquer gum problems and it seems to help them.

If you do decide to use it, I would put the Closys into the machine and use it before brushing. You can use the Closys undiluted. It will use quite a bit of your expensive solution but it may be very effective this way.

You could dilute the Closys but I wonder if it would be as effective.

My suggestions would be to use the water pic with Closys on alternating days. Use it once a day maybe when you clean your teeth in the evening (if that is when you have the most time to use it.) This way you will soon know if it makes a difference and which method “feels” the best to you.

Once you have regained your gum health you may not need to use the water pic any more.
We have reports of pocketing up to 10 mm getting better with regular use of Closys. It took about 6 months and this patient never needed treatment.

Good luck and please let me know how things progress, Remember to keep your toothbrush very clean at all times!


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