Question about the Complete Mouth Care System

Dear Dr. Ellie,

I am interested in beginning your Complete Oral Care System but am concerned about the Listerine. I have used Listerine in the past and it worsened my already very sensitive teeth. What is your opinion about using it again? Do you think it would be okay to try it again with your system?

Thank you.


Dear FV,

I tell women and any men ( who understand) that Listerine is a lot like toner or after-shave (not exactly of course) because it contains alcohol and is acidic.

Who puts toner on dry skin and leaves it there? No one, because your skin would dry up like a prune!

It is the same with teeth you need to treat sensitive teeth in much the same way as you would treat dry skin. The most important thing you need is “moisturizer” (for your teeth this would be ACT rinse).

Anyone with dry skin knows, however, that preparing their skin before the moisturizer will help it to be absorbed. This is where the Listerine comes in it prepares your teeth to be “moisturized” by the ACT.

Try this system for a week and I believe you will see that your teeth quickly become less sensitive and shinier. If you continue for six months or more others around you will notice the changes.

For sensitive teeth the most important things to remember are:
–Eat some xylitol mints or gum ( Zellies are delicious) after every meal or snack and whenever your mouth is dry.
–Use the mouth rinse routine at least twice a day morning and night.
–Use every ingredient EXACTLY as described do not cling to sensodyne tooth paste because it will not work.
–Sensodyne is like “spackle” in a hole it will block up the open pores in your teeth but not heal them.

You will find that your teeth feel better in a very short time. If the Listerine is really too strong dilute it with water “to taste”!! It will still work …even if it is only one quarter Listerine. Use it full strength to clean your toothbrush every day!

Good luck and please let me know how things go for you,
Dental Health for Everyone!
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Rochester NY 14623

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  • LH says:

    Is there any truth to the concern held by some dental professionals (a dental pathologist at the local dental school, for one) that Listerine can be very damaging to the soft tissue of the mouth? I understand that the fluoride in ACT will counteract the erosive effect on dental enamel. What about the gums?

  • Dr. Ellie says:

    Thank you for your comment. I have looked long and hard for any negative studies on Listerine – without any success.There are good studies that show its effectiveness. Perhaps your local pathologist knows of studies that I do not. Maybe you could ask him for more specifics. Listerine has been one of the most used mouth rinses and most people who use it leave it on their mucosa all night long!I have treated patients who were Listerine users for life – and although I saw dental erosive effects I never correlated the use to any oral pathology.My final endorsement: I use it myself and encourage my children to use it.The system I suggest is designed to use the best features of each rinse for maximum benefit. Thanks for your question,Ellie

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