My Zellies Order

Dear Dr. Ellie,

I wanted to write and let you know how happy I am with my order. The kids and I opened the package expecting there to be 3 little cans in there, but oh were we surprised! The pretty paper, cute polka dotted bags, free samples, etc. were all so nice and it made opening the box a real treat. My oldest daughter laid claim to the pretty paper, my younger daughter wanted the pretty bags, and everyone loved the flavor of the gum and mints I ordered. Thank you so much for this unexpected, most welcome treat of a beautiful box in which we found our yummy Zellies. 🙂 

The B Family

Dear B family,

Than you so much for your note of appreciation. I have always tried to be a friendly dentist and one that was kind and thoughtful. Most of all I have always worked to give patients as much pleasure as possible (sometimes a challenge with difficult treatments!).

I guess the empathy I felt for patients has brought me to this place. I decided some years ago that someone had to start a xylitol company. Finally I decided it was going to be my job to introduce the US public to the products that Scandinavians and others have enjoyed for years!

The paper and presentation expresses what I feel about Zellies. Xylitol offers such a different way to think about teeth.

Thanks again for your note. Every speck of encouragement is valued!

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Rochester NY 14623

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