Implants vs. Bridges

Hi Dr. Ellie

and thank you for your system which a friend recently recommended and I am loving it! Could you please comment on the advisability of an implant versus a bridge? I feel frightened from what little I’ve read on implants and wonder if a bridge is less invasive, or if the implant is a preferred option.

Thank you!

Dear JL,

So glad you are trying the system you will love it!

Now concerning your question about bridges vs implants:
This is really a technical question and to answer it I would need to look at the way your teeth close together and many other factors.

I would advise you to wait until you are sure. Possibly have a second opinion from someone who you trust. I would ask your friends or perhaps find a dentist from the WCMID listing (World Congress of Minimally Invasive Dentistry) Here is the link:

These are dentists who want the least invasive procedures for their patients and have made a commitment to this. See if there is someone in an area near you.

Before you do anything, be comfortable about it. Bridges that are made well can last a lifetime, and implants can also work out well. Most of the problems come when people are not comfortable about the procedure. If you were my patient, I would not want you to sit in my chair until you were absolutely sure.

Good luck I hope this helps,

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  • LH says:

    Dental implants done by an excellent and experienced implant dentist (periodontist or oral surgeon) are wonderful. I suffered serious dental trauma after being hit by a car and had four upper front implants ten years later. From an emotional and functional standpoint, the implants greatly improved my life. God forbid that I lose any other teeth in the future, I wouldn’t hesitate to go with implants.

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