Your Teeth Are Alive!

It’s easy to think teeth are a row of pebbles stuck in our jawbone – but this is far from the truth!

Teeth have a blood and lymph supply connected to our body’s main circulation. Liquids and cells travel through channels inside the tooth, keeping it hydrated and supplying minerals to repair dentin and defend teeth from infection.

External enamel is not technically “alive” as it is a glass-like structure of crystals in a collagen framework. Enamel crystals continuously dissolve and re-grow depending on the chemistry of our mouth. In ideal conditions these crystals form faster than they dissolve. If they dissolve faster than they grow, teeth become darker, crack or form a cavity.

Daily use of xylitol after every meal and drink can promote a healthy enamel-crystal balance and protect the life of your teeth!

Want to learn more? I dive deeper into this topic with the short audio recording below...

Learn more about the structure of teeth and how our daily lives and the oral care products we use either support or hurt our teeth with my video oral health bootcamp.

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