Whitening, Sensitivity and The Easy Solutions!

Whitening & sensitivity toothpastes are top profit-generators for the oral-care industry.

Artificial whitening pulls minerals from tooth enamel. Whitening products cause sensitivity & although sensitivity pastes might seem like a solution, they only mask the symptoms. These pastes do not address the cause of the ongoing problem – they just cover it up.

Regular use of xylitol at the conclusion of meals & after every drink will stimulate a flow of saliva to wash over teeth. Minerals in saliva can automatically replace lost or deficient minerals in enamel.

Stop using sensitivity pastes & use xylitol daily to see your sensitivity improve – almost instantly. Ironically as teeth naturally mineralize they will become stronger & appear whiter & brighter – at any age!

Learn more about whitening, sensitivity & gum recession with my video oral health bootcamp.

Zellie's are my recommended xylitol products. 

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