Chlorhexidine vs Closys

Dear Dr. Ellie: 

An interesting tidbit of information to update:  I asked my hygienist and periodontist via email if they had an opinion on using a stabilized chlorine dioxide rinse (Closys) as an alternative to chlorhexidine, as it is tasteless, doesn’t stain teeth and has research to support it as a good alternative.  She said she had never heard of it, but would check it out with the periodontist.  So, having never heard of it before and looking at the research, the message back from their office is that it “sounds good.” So now I can stick with the system and be compliant with their advise!  And all it took was a bit of the-patient-educating-the-doctor! :0)

Dear K:
What a relief!  If your dentist wants more research – they can look into the company that makes Closys ( Rowpar Pharmaceuticals) and visit their professional website. The only problem is that the next time your dentist will probably be recommending the Closys toothpaste! Ha! (It comes free when dentists order from the company!)
Chlorhexidine is not very effective, and I worry about it’s use – ever since a lady in UK died recently from rinsing with Chlorhexidine.
They may not know about that story either!
Best wishes,

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  • William Lewis says:

    My oral surgeon prescribed closys along with peridex. Should I use both or just closyis?

    • I would NEVER recommend Peridex or chlorhexidine. These are very aggressive products that wipe out all the bacteria in your mouth. Closys used alone is not going to be enough to improve your mouth health to the level I aim for. Personally, I would have you use xylitol and the Complete Mouth Care System – taking care to clean your toothbrush, and do this system with care until you have achieved ultimate oral health!

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