Dear Dr. Ellie: 
Why do you recommend using ACT Anticavity Fluoride Rinse, even though it contains saccharine?  Is there something else I can use that contains no artificial sweeteners?

 – T
Hi T
My system works and my book, Kiss Your Dentist Goodbye describes in 200 pages why I recommend the products that I recommend.
I am also sure that I have answered the sorbitol question a number of times on my blog site if you would be kind enough to look there.
Basically the system I recommend works like a recipe – and having the ingredients “exact” is essential.
I recommend specific toothpaste and mouth rinses – and they all contain ingredients I would not want to eat!
Fortunately after using them we spit them out – so the effect is not the same as if we ate or consumed them.
I wish I could recommend totally natural food products – but I have not found a way to oral health using only food products.
I do know that if you follow the directions I give – your oral health will improve, cavities can heal, and gum disease will go away.
If you add other nutritional supplements and lifestyle habits – your results can be even more spectacular.
Let me know if you think some personal coaching would be helpful – I charge $110 for a half hour.
Telephone appointments can be set up through my website and I would be happy to answer any of your question in detail.
Best wishes,
Dr.Ellie Phillips DDS
Solutions for Oral Health

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  • Karen says:

    I found a fluoride mouth rinse (.05%, as you specify) WITH xylitol. It’s not available in stores that I know of, but it was definitely worth it to me to get. It’s CariFree CTx3 rinse. Are you familiar with it, and what is your opinion?

    Also, I’ve always been curious why you ONLY recommend regular Crest, when there are so many other simple fluoride toothpastes (without all the “whitening”, etc junk in them) available?

    Thank you so much for your book and for making this information freely available on the web as well. I wish I’d known about it decades ago so I could have taken better care of my teeth (and kept more of them). I have already recommended your book to one store clerk who asked what CloSys does.

    • I like the CariFree people, but I don’t hear reports of their products resulting in sustainable oral health. On the other hand, I see and hear from people using my suggested system of care who quickly notice these improvements. Nothing makes me (personally) want to switch. I recommend products that I have seen work – for hundreds of patients. I don’t change my ideas based on hype or the latest marketing. I want results and science that is supportive. There is no toothpaste, besides regular Crest that has randomized clinical trials to show it helps rebuild teeth and therefore prevents and reverses an early cavity. When you look at studies for the latest craze of M-I paste, for example, there is no supportive science – just marketing!

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