Geriatric Care

We get older with every birthday – but teeth don’t need to age and fillings don’t need to be repaired just because they get older! In the way that maintaining optimal health can delay signs of aging, so good oral health will allow you to fight back against weak teeth, sensitive teeth and stained or darkening teeth!

As women age, they usually experience painful dental problems and treatments. They may need fillings or repairs to fix teeth that have crumbled. Replacing bigger fillings can lead to extensive work with root canals, crowns, even extractions or implants. Most women over the age of 30 have a sensitive groove at the gum line, which is often diagnosed as recession requiring periodontal treatments and gum-line fillings. Sometimes patients are blamed for poor brushing and asked to purchase a new expensive toothbrush or toothpaste.

Searching for Answers: Women’s Dental Problems as they age:
Hormonal changes make women’s mouths acidic. Mouth acidity causes tartar build up, often at or under the gum line, which can require extensive cleanings or deep periodontal treatments. It is also acidity that damages teeth and makes tooth enamel brittle. Women must protect their teeth from mouth acidity.

Brittle enamel will flake away like dry skin. Flaky or brittle enamel can create a groove at the gum line or along the edge of fillings. When pieces of enamel have been lost around a filling, a gap open up and this can allow liquids to track down the sides of the filling. A dentist may refer to this as a “leaking” filling and it may eventually break and need to be replaced. Often a repair for a leaking filling will come dangerously close to the nerve inside a tooth, and treatment may damage the nerve and precipitate need for a root canal and crown.

Men’s Dental Problems as they age:
Men as they age often find they grind their teeth shorter, creating bite problems, flatter-looking teeth and cracked fillings. Dry mouth is often to blame for this erosion, sometimes made worse by acid reflux. Anyone with an acidic mouth will suffer worse damage if they have a dry mouth, although adequate care to strengthen teeth will prevent this becoming an issue.

Tooth Truths:
Remember many medications can dry the mouth – for men and women, Also the ravages from radiation or chemotherapy. Preventing dry or acidic mouth conditions can prevent teeth from aging and becoming damaged, sensitive or stained. Use xylitol to fight acidity and mouth dryness.

Teeth can be strengthened to resist acidity and remain healthy and young-looking. Acidic foods and drinks precipitate damage, whereas alkaline foods and drinks protect teeth from problems. Xylitol mints and gum should be your teeth’s best friend and will help them stay young and healthy.

The Complete Mouth Care System can reverse damage, protect teeth, and make enamel more acid –resistant. It can help restore attractive tooth color and strength. Here is a way to enjoy sustainable oral health – and don’t forget – good oral health will impact your general health as you age also!

You don’t have to feel alone in your quest for improved oral health for you and your family. Dr. Ellie is here to be YOUR oral health coach. To act as a reference and guide– with the latest in preventative oral health and natural care for your teeth. Before you spend unnecessary money and time at the dentist, schedule a private oral health coaching session with Dr. Ellie.
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    What should be done about a composite filling that I believe is breaking down…I am 53 …the tooth is in the very back of my mouth on the bottom….doesn’t hurt except when I bite down hard…will it possibly repair? My teeth are healthy otherwise…thank you…bettye

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