How to Stop and Prevent Cavities

Cavities are not random!
Most cavities happen in “groups of four”. This is because mouth bacteria do not attack one tooth at a time, but attack all the teeth in your mouth at the same moment. The sequence of decay always begins with the most vulnerable teeth, on the tooth’s weakest surface. As a tooth succumbs, the corresponding tooth (in the same position-on the opposite side of the mouth) will usually experience similar damage.

Cavity Bacteria
Cavity bacteria spread from family members, from a caretaker, sibling or other children at day care or school. Xylitol can be used to easily eliminate this infection from the mouth. It takes 5 grams of xylitol each day (about one teaspoon) and this is most effective when taken in small amounts at the end of meals. It takes six months of this therapy to gradually eliminate the cavity bacteria. First the bacteria slip off teeth, then they disappear from the skin of the mouth and finally from the saliva.

Time-line for cavities:
Cavities may “appear” suddenly in teeth, but they usually take over 12 months to develop. Reversal is easy during the first 6-12 months with a program that includes xylitol and fluoride. If you use my system of care, you should NEVER have another cavity! How could one develop? A cavity takes a year to grow, but 6 months or less to reverse with xylitol and dilute fluoride rinsing.

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  • Hello can large cavities be reversed in baby teeth, with this treatment. Should large cavities be filled ?

    • It appears easier to reverse cavities in adult teeth than in baby teeth. On the other hand, the most important thing in adult and baby teeth is to eradicate the disease. Bits of food may get into an open cavity, but generally you cannot get progression of disease if you have eradicated cavity bacteria.

      I cannot give you a definite size when it will reverse or not – or when a tooth reaches a point and needs to be filled. This decision is totally subjective. I could advise you more if I could see a picture of the cavity ( you can send it to us via email – ask at our coaching website) and if I knew the age of the child. A decision depends on the child’s age because treatment is so difficult on a very small child – and in almost every case I vote to avoid sedation or general anesthesia.

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