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Dear Dr. Ellie:
Once again, thank you so much for taking time to help. I will continue to follow your program and look forward to gradual progress in the areas we discussed. I have just ordered a copy of your book, which I presume will help reinforce the significance of each component of your program. My children (who are grown and married) have noticed my new mouth-health habits and have jumped on the bandwagon. You are helping lots of people. It’s so kind of you to do so, since most of us are not paying customers. But what goes around comes around. You will be blessed.



Hi J,

Five months is only the start of the progress that you will see.

In the first five months the “system” is ridding the mouth of infective bacteria and generally preparing the teeth for the progress that is about to happen!

In the next six months you will notice your teeth getting stronger and smoother – and therefore naturally whiter and shinier.

Then your gum and general oral health will soar to new heights.

It frustrates me – when health care professionals notice an improvement in someone’s oral health – but immediately want to change the products that these folks are using. I have this constant battle – people are always being given new products – and usually the new “hands outs” hat are freebies to all dentists.

The part that is mysterious is that these suggestions are being given to people who are finally (often after years of deterioration) going in the right direction with my system! Why would you want to change this? It is amazing!

Some can be swayed in the first six months – but after a year on the program you will notice so much improvement – you will not change away from the system!

Thanks for your message – I am delighted to help and would love to hear more after your next visit!
Ellie Phillips DDS
Solutions for Oral Health!
author, Kiss Your Dentist Goodbye

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  • JBG says:

    From your previous post:"If you use the system that I recommend – exactly as recommended – I believe that your dentist will see big improvements in only a couple of months."From this post:"In the first five months the "system" is ridding the mouth of infective bacteria and generally preparing the teeth for the progress that is about to happen!"Some sort of conditional is implied. When can a user expect quick progress, and when will it take many months?

  • Dr. Ellie says:

    "Recovery" and improvements will be seen – but timing depends on an individual's personal "risk factors".Everyone has a different level of risk for dental damage – (and this level can change – with changes in stress, diet etc).For example, if you have a dry mouth and infection – the infection will be harder to eradicate. If you start with infected saliva – tons of strep mutans, plaque and active decay – it will take time for xylitol to wipe out this infective mess in your mouth. Plaque bacteria are reproducing, and creating general mouth acidity. They are on the teeth, in cracks and pits in the teeth etc. It takes a while to rid the mouth of this kind of infection with xylitol. If you start with a "clean" mouth – but simply have an acidity problem – ( something in your diet or perhaps using Listerine rinse alone) – then changes and improvement will happen more quickly. You will overcome your risks by using my program more quickly if there is no disease to combat.The quickest problem to heal is dietary acidity softening teeth. In other words – it depends on the amount of damage – which depends on someone's amount of risk. Acidity and dry mouth are the two main risk factors for damage – plus of course infective strep. mutans bacteria ( plaque).If you have mouth acidity + dryness + plaque – it will take more time…… Hope this explains why the time line is slightly different for different people.The time line of 6 months is worst case scenario!! Ellie Ellie Phillips DDSwww.ZelliesCleanWhiteTeeth.comSolutions for Oral Health!author, Kiss Your Dentist Goodbye

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