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Dr. Ellie Phillips DDS:

May I ask you some questions while I am waiting to receive a parcel which you recommended a full sets of a mouth wash.

Is it necessary to clean accumulated plaque at the gum line or up to root with anesthesia when the gum is inflamed and sensitive. I heard that there is a risk of infection when these operation(root cleaning) is done. Would you please comment your recommendation about cleaning by laser, ultrasonic or manual method. Since I have a arythmie, I like to avoid to have dental anesthesia.

Thank you very much for your great help.

Yours truly,


Dear A,

I would love to help you – but without seeing the state of your mouth – I really cannot comment or answer your specific questions.

I always suggest taking a slow approach. Do what you can to improve your own situation for a few months and then go back and ask your dentist these questions again – when your oral health is going in the right direction. Most people are afraid to ask their dentist to give them time – time to get their oral health better by themselves first – then seek out any needed treatment.

If you use the system that I recommend – exactly as recommended – I believe that your dentist will see big improvements in only a couple of months. If he does, you may want to go on trying to help the situation yourself, using theses rinses and plenty of xylitol. Finally you will be in a situation where, perhaps, only a superficial cleaning is needed. Be prepared to notice big improvements – and most people are quickly able to WOW their dentists.
For your specific situation – for rapid gum improvements – Make sure you sip granular xylitol in water during the day – in addition to Zellies.

Also keep your toothbrush clean – and safely stored away from others and away from the toilet area of the bathroom.

Best Wishes,


Ellie Phillips DDS
Solutions for Oral Health!
author, Kiss Your Dentist Goodbye

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