Canker Sores

Dear Dr. Ellie:

Does Xylitol help to reduce the frequency of canker sores?

Hi and thanks for the question.

Xylitol is “antibacterial” and gets rid of cavity bacteria and molds in the mouth.
This means that it “cleans” the skin of the mouth including candida infections under dentures and in very young children, the elderly or debilitated patients.

I have seen thrush disappear in a couple of days when a teaspoon of xylitol was dissolved in water and applied to a baby’s mouth over two days (you should apply a little and often. Make up the liquid and give a couple of drops every hour or so.

I don’t think there is any research to confirm the effect of xylitol on canker sores, but I have seen great success when the following steps are followed:

1.) Clean your toothbrush and use a safe toothpaste.
Pay great attention to swishing the head of your brush in some Listerine every day after brushing.

Rinse the Listerine off the brush and then store the brush, with the head side up – to air dry in a cup or mug.

Keep the brush head away from other tooth brushes ( molds and bacteria will trail and grow from one brush to another).

Keep your brush away from any toilet area and especially keep it away from a mould source like a shower or damp bathroom.

Use a good toothpaste – I only recommend Crest Original – no additives – no whitening, no baking soda, no peroxide no triclosan etc.

2) Use Closys rinse before brushing (do not add the flavor capsule) – Closys rinse is available on our website or in most Walgreen stores. Rinse with this liquid before brushing your teeth (it really helps to clean your mouth).

I think you should use the rest of my system – but at least do these two steps to help your condition.

Link to “my system” on the website:

3. Use 100 percent Xylitol
Eat 100 percent xylitol (like Zellies fruit mints and gum) constantly through the day: after every meal, snack, drink or whenever your mouth is dry – even at night if your mouth is dry. Xylitol will clean and moisturize your mouth – this will prevent the cracking and ulcerations that you have. In a couple of days your mouth should heal – like dry skin heals if you apply the correct lotion.

Good luck and I think and you will quickly say goodbye to those uncomfortable sores.

Ellie Phillips DDS
www.zellies.com26 Corporate WoodsRochester, NY 14623(585) 272-1270

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