Cleaning a Bite Guard

Hi Ellie,

I wear a bite guard at night for clenching. I started soaking it in Listerine to kill any bacteria and then I rinse and brush it off. However, it still smells like Listerine and remains a little green afterwards. I don’t care about it looking green, but I am wondering if acidic residue that gets embedded in the plastic is harmful to have up against my teeth all night long? Before I had been cleaning it with Efferdent, but I don’t know if that killed all the bacteria.

Also, I am currently using the system twice per day. Is there any maximum number of times per day I can do the system – three? four?

Thanks so much for your help!


Hi WW,

I think Listerine is good for the night guard cleaning – but I would suggest rinsing this off a little bit better -until all the green has gone! Use your toothbrush to brush it off – think of Listerine as loosening up the bacteria – and then you rinse and brush your appliance clean.

I am glad you are using my program – make sure the last thing on your teeth is the ACT : when you spit it out, put the guard into your mouth. Any wires will retain a little of the ACT around them – and this will help give vulnerable parts on your teeth extra help and protection.

Three uses per day is all I would suggest with my system. More is not necessary from a biochemistry standpoint. If you need to “clean” your teeth after a coffee or a meal – look to Zellies xylitol gum and mints as a resource that makes your mouth feel nice and clean again.

In five weeks of doing this you should feel a big difference in your teeth. After the first five weeks, the system begins to affect your entire mouth – and this is when you will know that this is really working for you!

Good luck and please keep in touch,

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