Childrens’ Listerine

Dear Dr. Elli

My family and I have been using your mouth care system since our friends heard you speak at our church back in June. We have a question concerning our 8 year old daughter. We have had her doing the entire system as we do. She doesn’t like the Listerine at all and the other day, I noticed that they make kids Listerine. Would she be able to use this effectively in your mouth care system. Thank you again for your help! I also sent you a different email regarding coming to our school. My daughter actually suggested on her own that I send this email to you about the kids Listerine.



Kid’s Listerine is fine, but you may want to try diluting the regular Listerine and see if that works. My kids liked the Cool Mint kind. The effect will be good even diluted and it may be less expensive. Just a thought!

Thanks so much for your question I will keep a look out for your other Email.

Best Wishes,

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