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Dear Dr. Ellie,

Hooray, the brochures I ordered arrived today, along with “The Power of Xylitol” little book. I was about to take my afternoon nap, but got so interested in reading it that I didn’t get my nap. I had NEVER heard of Xylitol before ordering the pumps for Listerine. Everything now makes sense.

Which is your most recent brochure? The one that says Beautify Your Teeth or the one that says Dental Health for Everyone? In Step One, one brochure recommends DO NOT add the flavoring to Closys. The other does not.

I had just returned from my mail box when I got your e-mail Zellies on Vacation. Thanks for the heads up on Closys. I’ll be on leaving on vacation soon!

Keep up the good work.


Hi PS,

Glad that you found the information useful.
It is best not to add the flavor to Closys since it seems to make it less efficient.

I often tell women to think of the system as “Skin Care” for “Teeth.” They fully understand the idea of cleaning, toning and moisturizing their skin.

No woman would consider using a toner without finishing after with moisturizer. The ACT is like a lotion for teeth and Listerine is like the toner.

In my opinion, (based on biochemistry of the mouth) no one should consider using Listerine unless they follow it with ACT!

Hope this makes sense and that you continue to benefit from the information.
Wishing you a happy vacation!

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Rochester, NY 14623

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