Child’s Bad Teeth

Dear Dr. Ellie: 

Hi there. I really need your help!!! 

I have 2 daughters aged 7 and 3 , now my 7 year old’s teeth are in pristine condition, now my 3 year old is a different story, since her first tooth came through she always brushed her teeth even after using the toilet she would brush!!! 

But she has been complaining of toothache, we visited the dentist and to my horror she has to have 6 teeth out, I have come to terms with this but cannot understand how? Why has this happened? Now I am desperate to prevent anything so extreme to happen again so would it be possible for you to send me some samples of your products “zellies” they sound like just what we need but being a single parent with 2 small children, i have to count my pennies, so I don’t want to jump in a buy this product if its not suitable, hope you can help me and I will promote your products to my friends and family. 

Yours sincerely,

Hi RP,

Cavities are caused by “cavity forming germs” that are passed to children from other adult teeth.

If you and the rest of your family have excellent teeth then this is a surprise but she may have interacted with some infective source during the first year of her life.

In any case, the situation is that now she has these germs in her mouth and they are destroying her teeth. You can brush all day, but it will not get rid of germs you need xylitol to do this.

She needs to have at least one and a half teaspoons of xylitol each day every day and it is best to divide up the xylitol into five or six different times each day. Xylitol is most effective after all meals, snacks and drinks.

The only snacks that are completely safe for teeth are milk, cheese or raw vegetables. After everything else- she needs to eat some xylitol.

You can give her this sugary product in any form: granular xylitol can be eaten off a spoon (it tastes like fruity sugar) or you can dissolve the granules in water to make a drink. I think Tesco may sell xylitol as Perfect Sweet check it out and see, because you could start this immediately.

We will ship you some samples of Zellies products as soon as we can but it may take time to reach you and it is important to get started ASAP. It is also important what you use to brush her teeth I would suggest using a drop of dilute sodium fluoride rinse on a toothbrush.

Put one drop of Fluorigard on a brush and use this to brush her teeth. I do not think you have ACT in UK ACT has a wonderful kid-friendly bubblegum flavor mouth rinse that is really good for this.

Hope this helps and keep in touch!
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