Tooth Care System Clarification

Dear Dr. Ellie:

To clarify I understanding that:

1. The Clos-Sys is making the mouth neutral pH
2. The toothpaste is simply toothpaste with fluoride (and relatively low abrasion)
3. The Listerine is intended to kill germs and prepare the mouth for:
4. The ACT rinse adds fluoride to the clean teeth

If these are all correct, would this be also according to your plan (relatively)?

The OxyFresh toothpaste I use is low abrasion and has fluoride, so similar to the Crest. The OxyFresh rinse I use is pH 6.7 to 7

If I were to wait a little while after my normal routine of brushing / rinsing, would using the Listerine / ACT combo before bed be the same? I realize the Clos-Sys is neutralizing acid before brushing.

Also, in the morning, I rinse first thing with Listerine, then with water to neutralize acid. Would rinsing with ACT help then? It would likely be 1/2 hour or so before eating breakfast.

I realize this is adding steps, and I don’t want to second-guess you since you obviously have proven results. I’m just asking if my current system can be effectively supplemented with the Listerine / ACT and Xylitol mints (I’ve stopped chewing gum…crazy fear that crowns will get pulled off).

Thanks again for the response and listening to my second bit of rant.

– J

Dear J:

My system is like a recipe for a cake the ingredients are exact and they work together to produce expected results if you follow directions. If you mix and match in a cake recipe supplementing one kind of flour for another you will always have a different end result.

Since I am an expert of my specific system I cannot comment on what will happen if you add or subtract steps. (Maybe they will work but don’t blame me if they do not!) I can tell you that if you follow directions completely you will see improvements no doubts.

Most of the products have multiple purpose for example Closys is not just to make the mouth acid-neutral it has special cleaning powers also. It appears to work particularly well when Crest Original is the toothpaste used after it…….etc….etc…

I have a 200 page book coming out later this year called Kiss Your Dentist Goodbye, that will explain this biochemistry in more detail for you!

I am best helping people who are desperate they have come to the end of trying new things without success.

They are done trying they are depressed and resigned to the idea their teeth will not improve.
I put these people on my system ( it works best if they purchase a kit from me the first time so they have everything they need including information to explain how xylitol works). In a few days they feel good results, in six months they see improvements, and in a year even their dentists are interested in how these improvements happened. They are believers!!

You can add or subtract you can try to outsmart the chemistry but realize that your cake may not cook the same…..if you get the drift!

Thanks so much for your message,

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Rochester, NY 14623

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