Enamel Shield Tooth Paste

Dear Dr. Ellie:

Hello, I was wondering about what you think about the new crest pro-health enamel shield tooth paste and enamel shield rinse as opposed to the regular crest tooth paste and ACT fluoride rinse. These products use stannous fluoride, not sodium fluoride.

Thank you.

Hi M,

I have strong views about fluoride you must read my book (to be published later this year….)
I do not recommend Stannous fluoride. This is a tin based product.

Sodium fluoride is the only fluoride I recommend.
This is the most stable fluoride salt and why sodium fluoride is in the products I endorse.

When you select a toothpaste, there are many facets to consider: abrasiveness for example.
When you select a rinse the fluoride dilution/strength and the ability of the rinse to flow into the crevices and pits of your tooth surface is important.

Stronger fluoride is not better for stimulating natural remineralization and repair of teeth.
Stronger fluoride works in a different way and is not what I recommend.

I am not sure if you have given my system a try yet with all the “ingredients” exactly as I recommend. If not well, I would suggest you try my system first then think again about alternatives after a few weeks of trying it!

I have no interest (financially) in making you try the products that I recommend. Go to Walgreens and give them your money. The people selling you on Crest Pro Health make money with the sale of their products. If you decide to use Pro Health be careful, you can get tooth staining from stannous fluoride and many people report mouth sores from use of this product.

Good luck I will continue to hope you will use my products in the order suggested!

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  • Anonymous says:

    Thank you so much for your very informative blog. I have recently started your system and am very enthusiastic. I can hardly wait to see what my dentist and dental hygienist will say!Could you please tell me why you recommend that Closys be used without any flavoring?KatheKathe

  • Dr. Ellie says:

    The fact is that when people add the flavor it seems to reduce the effectiveness and lessen the outcomes. When people stop adding the flavor – they quickly see improvements not seen when using the flavoring. This is not a scientific study – just lots of results. I think that Closys engulfs/pulls the debris from the gums ( in much the same way that an old holistic system of rinsing with oil was used to pull infection out of the gums). The "oil pulling" took about half an hour with a mouth full of oil – Closys appears to work in much the same way in less than a minute!I do not have access to the ingredients in this patented product, but adding a flavor somehow seems to lessen this "pull". Ellie

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