Dark Brown Staining

Dear Dr. Ellie, 

I wrote to you a couple of months ago when I was first starting out on the CWT system about some gum sensitivity I was having. Well thanks to the system and regular use of xylitol my gums are in excellent shape now! I have another question though. I was inspecting my teeth the other day and started to notice some dark brown staining just along the gum line (mostly on the backside of the teeth) of several of my back teeth. Do you think this could be dead bacteria? If so, I’m definitely willing to live with it for another few months until the six month mark when I go for my next dental check-up. But, is it possible it is something more serious? Also, will the dentist recognize it for that or will they think I’m not taking good care of my teeth? Thanks so much for your help!!


Hi L,

I would absolutely bet this is dead bacteria I am impressed that you recognized this! You obviously read carefully!

This will clean off and then you will be able to keep it away in the future.

I cannot promise that your dentist will recognize it for what it is. I would advise that you need to ask “How are my gums and teeth looking” …. They will probably say “great” but go on to suggest new and improved floss/brushes/paste/whatever…..

I would listen, thank them, say you will think about it…..but please continue the system.
Next time maybe they will be interested in what you are doing and maybe we can reach others with their help!

If you think someone in the office would read I would be happy to send you a free “Power of Xylitol Book” and a business card to give them.
You decide 🙂

Congratulations on taking charge of your own oral health I am delighted for you.

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