Zellies available in Canada?

Dear Dr. Ellie:

Does Zellies help as a bad breath cure & are they available in Canada?

Dear J:

Zellies mints and gum can be shipped to Canada at present they are not available in stores but we are working on this!

I would definitely recommend thinking about the Complete Mouth Care System paying particular attention to keeping your toothbrush spotless:

I would also recommend the use of Closys before brushing (It is called Retardex in Canada and is available in Boots Chemist I think).

Here is a downloadable and printable booklet that explains the system. ACT is not yet available in Canada but Fluorigard is a good replacement.

Cleaning your gums is critical and the Closys followed by brushing with a spotlessly clean toothbrush and Crest Original toothpaste will be a big improvement. Make sure you stop any tartar control or whitening toothpastes they are acidic and can grow harmful smelly plaque bacteria. I would like to see you use Listerine  but only if you rinse it off your teeth with the final rinse ( see booklet for instructions). Do not leave Listerine on your teeth because it is acidic and can also contribute to the same acid-loving, smelly, plaque bacteria.

Focus on trying to keep your mouth alkaline as much as possible. If you drink coffee or other acidic drinks follow with a Zellies mint or gum which will get rid of mouth acidity and help control the problem.

If you only do three things: use xylitol, clean your toothbrush and use Closys followed by brushing with Crest Original. If this seems to help please add the other parts of the system and you will be amazed at the results!

Good luck and let me know in a month or two what you think.

Thanks so much for your question.
Ellie Phillips DDS

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