Broken Tooth

Dear Dr Ellie:

I’ve broken a little part (just the angle) of my frontal tooth with a glass and I’d like to know if xylitol and Zellies could repair it. 

Thank you very much


Dear AM,

Unfortunately a chip where a part of a tooth is fractured off is not something that my system can repair.

On the other hand, such a bump from a coffee cup should not be able to cause teeth to chip as a rule.

I would be concerned that your teeth are fragile, and I would urge you to use the Complete Mouth Care System to strengthen your teeth to resist fracture in the future.

I had a friend who would not listen to me until he chipped a tooth in a similar event with a coffee cup. This young man had bleached his teeth to the point that they were very brittle. He used my system for years and loved the outcome with no more bleaching!

Last winter he slipped and fell and hit all his teeth on a metal pole. To his relief not one of his teeth chipped in the fall they had become so strong.

I wish I could help more but this repair may be something only some filling material or a veneer can fix.

Good luck and please think about strengthening your teeth for the future!

Best Wishes,
Ellie Phillips

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