Dead Tooth

Hi Dr. Ellie,

I have had a very sensitive molar since Christmas. It is on the top, second from the back and has had a crown for at least 15 years. At first I thought I had a sinus infection from a bad cold I had. But I soon found out otherwise. Today the tooth is wiggly and very sensitive at the very top of the gums (feels like I am compressing nerves when I push up there). I also have a sinus infection that just won’t quit! I just saw a dentist yesterday who determined that the tooth is probably dead. The actual tooth didn’t respond to some test where he sprayed a very cold gas on it???? It looks calcified on xray and he could only see one tiny thread of a root. The tooth feels empty to me. He of course is recommending a root canal. I kept asking about having it pulled. None of the options for dealing with an empty space sounded wise either! I am just learning about biological dentistry and have found another dentist who will remove my silver amalgams, so when I found your site, I was thrilled. I have made my shopping list and plan on starting your program ASAP.> What is your recommendation for a dead tooth?

Hi W,

I am not in any position to advise you without an X ray and I will not get between you and your dentist.

My opinion about root canals: They are difficult to treat especially if you are starting with an infected area or a dead tooth.

If you have a sudden accident and the root canal is filled straight away I think the risks are much less.

If you have a long-standing infection, with infection down the center and around the tooth I personally believe there is risk of creating a troublesome “area or focus” of infection, that may have health effects. I think such an area of infection could potentially affect other areas of the body by creating a more generalized inflammatory response.

That being said I think the most important thing is to get rid of gum infection in the mouth.
I believe that gum infections may be to blame for many generalized inflammatory responses in the body- more than imagined.

I would suggest getting on my system and then consider extraction of the tooth that is infected.
An implant is expensive but may be a good option when your mouth is in healthier condition.
Be careful of the type of filling you replace your amalgams with take your time and do this when your mouth is fully healthy, would be my best advice.

Thanks for your interest and please let me know if you have any more questions.

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