Xylitol toothpaste and mouthwash

Dear Dr. Ellie, 

I have been using Zellies and we love them. I was searching for a more natural toothpaste with Xylital and I found Vita-Myr and a Natural Mouth wash. Wanted to know what you thought of them since you promote not to use certain ingredients found in the current products. 

The websites with the Xylital products are Vita-Myr herbal toothpaste it has all the natural and effective ingredients used in our Zinc-Plus formula with the added cavity fighting and antioxidant power of Xylitol and Co-Q10. Plus it has Clove Oil, Myrrth, Grapeseed, folic acid and more. It doesn’t taste bad either. I ordered the Childrens’ formula for my daughter. They sent a sample of the mouthwash and it taste good and leave your mouth feeling good. http://www.msmsupplements.com/5271/Dental-Health.html Personal Care section http://www.vitamedics.com/cat66_1.htm I ordered the mouthwash from her is was less expensive. They also have a Xylital spray and tooth paste.


Dear MG

Thanks for your feed back on these products. I have tried to find products that are more natural but so far unsuccessful. The products I recommend work in multiple ways Closys is not only a pH balanced pre-rinse that protects teeth from tooth brush abrasion but it works amazingly well to eliminate bad breath and periodontal pocketing.

I would love the items to be “natural” but my over-riding goal is perfect dental health. The products I recommend used in the way I recommend are the only way that I know to achieve this.

I am a clinical dentist. My system was not developed in a laboratory. My system was developed in the dental office working with patients.

I used to interview all my patients sometimes 60 patients a day asking questions and LOOKING at their teeth. I saw the same patients year after year and noted changes in their oral health good and bad. I am a pediatric and a geriatric dentist. I have 35 years of dedication to preventive care. I have tried products on my own teeth and tried many other products (including the one you suggest).

I always come back to the system that I recommend on my website.

Of course you can use whatever you like. This is why there are so many choices out there.
I cannot persuade anyone to stay with my system.

If you want to experiment I would suggest that first you achieve perfect oral health, if you do not have this already.

My idea of perfect oral health is:
No plaque build up (I have had one dental cleaning in twenty years)
No new cavities for at least two years (I have not had any fillings replaced or cavities in forty years)
Your teeth that look and feel great and have an A+ grade at the dentist.

If you already fit this profile then try my system for a week or two.
Now you will have a benchmark to compare what you are doing.
Any changes you make will make your mouth feel better or worse.

My teeth are shiny and comfortable.
When I tried out a new xylitol toothpaste I could not stand the sensation. It was gritty and seemed to scratch my teeth.
The paste had xylitol in it but its abrasive factor was all wrong. Some less abrasive pastes do not clean teeth well a toothpaste has to be just right to remove plaque but not scratch teeth.

I hope I have explained why I stick with my system so doggedly.
I have never found alternatives to replace the products I recommend.
I have tried most of the pastes and rinses especially those made with natural products and discounted them all.

Of course you can use anything you like.
You can trust the package but the proof of a product is really determined by using it clinically for a long period of time.

I would make sure that you do not accept anything less than a goal of perfect oral health.
Never accept the myth that cavities “happen” or that people have soft teeth syndrome or aging teeth.

Good luck and thanks for sending me all the links and suggestions.
I wish I could tell you there were perfect products out there.

You could take some comfort in the fact that we are not eating these pastes and rinses!
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