Tooth Pain with Sugar / Xylitol

Dear Dr. Ellie, 

I am interested in trying your xylitol products for building up healthy teeth and protection from cavities, however whenever I eat sugar or anything sweet my teeth hurt very badly. I tried the last few days putting xylitol granules in my mouth and swishing them around and I got the same terrible tooth pain that I get when I eat white sugar. Have you ever heard of anyone with tooth pain from xylitol? Does this mean that it could be hurting my teeth? Thanks!!


Hi S,

Pain when eating sugar usually happens if you have porous or weak tooth enamel ( which could be on the root of a tooth exposed to the mouth). When you eat sugar mouth bacteria form acids.
It is the acidity that causes teeth to hurt and it is the acids which eat away at the tooth surface making it weaker and even more sensitive.

Xylitol can rid your mouth of these bacteria and their acids and in if you eat it often enough xylitol will stop bacteria forming acids in your mouth. Xylitol can even help put minerals back into your teeth and make them stronger and less sensitive.

First I would make sure that the xylitol granules you are eating are pure xylitol and not a mix of xylitol with anything else. I would also try to make sure you have birch xylitol it seems to be the purest, and this may be an issue if your teeth are so sensitive.

Personally I would like to know more about WHY your teeth are so sensitive.
Do you use whitening products or drink acidic drinks?

If you wanted my advice I would get you to use my Complete Mouth Care System as soon as possible. At very least I would have you rinsing with ACT as soon as possible at least three times a day. I think that Zellies gum would be the gentlest way to give your teeth xylitol but any Zellies products would work. Later you can try using other forms of xylitol when your teeth become stronger and less sensitive.

Let me know if you need some help getting started.
Good luck,

Ellie Phillips
Dental Health for Everyone!
26, Corporate Woods
Rochester NY 14623

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