Brsuhing, Retainers and the System

Hi Dr. Ellie,

I found your website very informative and fascinating. I have followed your system exactly (with toothpaste, rinses, and xylitol) for the past 2 weeks and I noticed that my mouth is definitely fresher (and cleaner!). I can’t wait until 6 months have gone by! I was wondering about two things though:
1. How do you feel about the Sonicare toothbrush? I know that you recommend a manual toothbrush for your system, but I find brushing so much easier (especially for the back molars!) with the Sonicare. I make sure to brush at a 45 degree angle to the gum line and I use small, light, circular strokes along the tooth surfaces. Do you know if the Sonicare toothbrush is abrasive with tooth enamel? Could it cause gum recession?

2. How do I accommodate an Essix retainer into your system? Every morning, I clean my retainer with Retainer Brite (antibacterial) tablets and tap water inside of a sonic soaking tub for 10 minutes. After using your system and before I go to bed, I soak Listerine on the retainer for about 10 seconds, rinse with water, soak ACT on the retainer for about 10 seconds, then rinse with water again. I remember reading on your website that tap water can be acidic, so I blow off any excess water before placing the retainer over my teeth. Is this process a little bit overkill? Should I wait for the ACT to fully settle over my teeth (for, say, about 30 minutes) and then put on my retainer?

Any advice would be greatly appreciate. Thank you very much for your time and sharing your CWT with the world! This system is awesome!


Dear JB,

Thanks for the questions and for giving the system a try!

I am absolutely fine with any toothbrush you like to use provided it is CLEAN!!
I recommend brushes are cleaned every day in a little Listerine and allowed to dry away from an open toilet.

Most electric and high-end toothbrushes are well designed.
The big problem is with inexpensive and low end brushes. These are really bad most of the time
I designed Zellies toothbrush for people who look for inexpensive brushes often for large families because the cheap ones were impossible to use and I am a brushing fanatic!

It sounds as if you brush very well and your system of retainer care is excellent
I think you can put a clean retainer straight into your mouth after rinsing with the final ACT rinse. If you want the retainer to have a Listerine rinse (a good idea) I think a quick dip into ACT and shake off ( not rinse off) the residue would be my suggestion. Any residue held against the teeth by the retainer will help to mineralize the areas of your teeth that are being placed most “at risk” by the retainer.

I am excited that you feel improvement so soon this means you are doing the system correctly.
Just make sure when you go to purchase more product that you buy exactly the same items it is easy to be confused at the grocery store!

Please keep in touch and let me know how your next dental visit goes!
Take care,
Dental Health for Everyone!
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Rochester NY 14623

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