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Dear Dr Ellie, 

I found your website 2 months ago and ever since I have been following your system. I am living in Dublin, Ireland so I cannot buy ACT mouthwash. Instead I use Fluorigard. Recently I noticed that sorbitol is one of its ingredients. Is that harmful for my teeth? From looking on the web I notice that ACT contains sorbitol also. I am wondering should I switch to another fluoride mouthwash that does not contain sorbitol? Or maybe I should have a zellie just after using the Fluorigard? Apart from that concern I find your system great to use and my mouth feels much cleaner than before. I’ll let you know how I get on over the next few months. 

Best wishes, 

Dear VK,

I suggest to people in Europe to use Retardex in place of Closys and Fluorigard in place of ACT for good alternatives.

Currently ACT is only available in Switzerland, Greece and Holland. It appears that Listerine is generally available and also Crest toothpaste. I will ship Zellies anywhere but I cannot ship the mouth rinses internationally.

I will be discussing the subject of sorbitol in upcoming newsletters be sure to sign up for the newsletter from the website!

There are lots of bad things to say about sorbitol as an ingredient in sugarless gum and other consumables. I wish that they did not add it to mouth rinses but ACT is a fabulous mouthrinse and within the context of this system, the sorbitol does not negate the benefits.

I know of people who eat Zellies after using their rinses but I do not feel it is necessary. I prefer to leave a residue of ACT on my teeth at the end of the rinse system. The longer ACT is on your teeth the shinier and stronger they will become.

I suggest spitting out a couple of times after rinsing but not eating or drinking afterwards to give the rinse at least an hour to “interact” with your tooth enamel! This is the best natural whitening system of all!

If you have any other questions please let me know I enjoy getting feedback!

With best wishes,
Ellie Phillips
Dental Health for Everyone!
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  • Beatrice says:

    I’m not sure if this is the correct place to ask a question but I live in England and was wondering if you could suggest alternative products that we can get here in the UK? I would greatly appreciate it. (In particular with regards to products that help strengthen teeth against acid erosion). Kind Regards

  • Dr. Ellie says:

    Dear Beatrice,Zellies mints and gum can be shipped to UK. – only the liquids are a problem. I would suggest Zellies products are one of the best tasting and convenient ways to protect your teeth against acid erosion.Try to determine if something you are eating or drinking is adding to your mouth acidity problems or if the acidity is from your own saliva or from harmful bacteria feeding on sugar. If acid reflux is your problem, eliminate anything that contains sorbitol from your food and drinks. Sorbitol is an artificial sweetener that causes acid-producing bacteria to grow and thicken. Zellies work in all ways to help your teeth. They will alkalize your mouth, build minerals into damaged areas of erosion and also help to remove acid producing bacteria from your mouth.People with acid-erosion have seen their teeth rebuild and repair! Colgate has a 0.05% Fluoride mouth rinse called Fluorigard which is quite similar to ACT. Retardex is the same product as Closys and can be used in place of this at the start of your mouth rinse routine. Crest toothpaste should be available to you in UK – if not please let me know, and I can ship this without a problem. My suggestion would be to keep a healthy level of xylitol in your mouth all day.Use the complete mouth care program morning and night – and definitely last thing before bed.Retardex will be a great pre-rinse for you – to make sure you do not abrade your acid-softened teeth during tooth brushing. Please let me know if you need any other help – you can e-mail me directly at ellie@zellies.comHope this is useful to you,Ellie Phillips

  • parisiandreamz says:

    I cannot find any way of ordering zellies mints or gum and having it delivered to Ireland. Please help.

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