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Hi Ellie,

I was wondering what you think of the CloSYS toothpaste that is now included with the mouth rinse.



Hi NH,

I like Closys toothpaste -and I get lots of free ones included in my orders. I take them out and keep them (What you have to know is that I get lots of toothpastes sent as samples – – almost all the rest – I don’t even keep. I won’t even give them away – for example I throw Colgate Total into the dumpster)

I give away the Closys paste to people who will not or cannot follow the Complete Oral Care System. I often give them to some of our restaurant workers who do not want to do the whole system. My brother lives in the Carribean and cannot purchase the rinses there – so I think he is better off with Closys toothpaste than nothing.

I believe Closys toothpaste is a good one – and that is causes no damage. I think it definitely has some benefit for periodontal health.

In the system we need the benefits of Crest to contribute to a particular stage and be a part of the system.

Crest Cavity Protection releases fluoride to protect teeth from the Listerine rinse.

You won’t get the same protection with Closys paste.

My recommendation – give your Closys paste to people you love who will not be bothered to do the entire system.

Perhaps there is someone elderly in the family – ( this would be a great paste for use in nursing homes etc.)

Often elderly people get confused by the rinses – or they cannot access them.

The other application would be to use it as something easy to carry with you for a weekend …but I think you will be happy to return to your “system” when you get back home!

So it is not a bad paste at all – but don’t use it in place of Crest – that’s my recommendation.

Hope this helps,


Ellie Phillips DDS
Solutions for Oral Health!
author, Kiss Your Dentist Goodbye

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  • Anonymous says:

    Hello, I just started your system. I have a question about substitutions for the Crest original toothpaste. None of the stores in my area carry the Crest original toothpaste. However, they do carry Colgate original toothpaste (not the tartar control). Can I substitute the Colgate for the Crest? It has the ADA seal.

  • Iara says:

    Hello again, Ellie. In my previous comment I asked if I could you Colgate instead of Crest since it was not available. I searched online for places to buy Crest. When I looked at the ingredients I noticed that the Crest regular now carries sorbitol (Inactive Ingredients: Sorbitol, Water, Hydrated Silica, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Trisodium Phosphate, Flavor, Sodium Phosphate, Cellulose Gum, Carbomer 956, Sodium Saccharin, Titanium Dioxide, Blue 1). You argued that sorbitol encourages plaque and we should avoid it. Could you comment on its presence in Crest regular cavity protection toothpaste? Is it still OK to use?The Colgate regular does not have sorbitol (Active Ingredients: Sodium Monofluorophosphate (0.15% W/V Fluoride Ion)Inactive Ingredients: Dicalcium Phosphate Dihydrate, Water, Glycerin, Sorbitol, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Cellulose Gum, Flavor, Tetrasodium Pyrophosphate, Sodium Saccharin). Is this better to use than the Crest with sorbitol?Thank you very much. Just ordered some of your products and cannot wait to try them. In the meantime I bought the other products (minus crest) you recommended. Thank you!Thank you!

  • ruth says:

    My husband has a sensitivity to sodium laurel sulfate, which is in Crest. So we have been using Closys toothpaste, but otherwise following your system. It has enabled both of us to nearly wipe out the canker sores we used to get, him especially. He used to get at least a canker sore a month, but since switching from Crest to the Closys toothpaste, he only gets about one a year. I used to get about 2-3 a year, and now I don't get any.

  • Dr. Ellie says:

    You can – but keep looking for the Crest – where do you live?Wegmans is getting really good about this paste and almost always stocks it!Ellie Phillips DDSwww.ZelliesCleanWhiteTeeth.comSolutions for Oral Health!author, Kiss Your Dentist Goodbye

  • Dr. Ellie says:

    Lara: In the grand scheme of things the sorbitol in the pastes and rinses I recommend – makes these products "not quite perfect ".On the other hand, these products work so well, I assume the other antibacterial components are sufficient to overwhelm any effect from sorbitol.If I were the manufacturer – I would use xylitol not sorbitol! The problems I see with Colgate is that it 1) does not use silica and 2) does not contain sodium fluoride.In toothpaste, silica must be at the correct level of abrasivity ( Note: many health food pastes made with silica are too abrasive because the silica particles are too big and rough). Colgate and most of the "new" (please read = "cheaper to produce") pastes contain chalk or a calcium phosphate product. Sodium fluoride is my only choice for fluoride ( for a number of good reasons).There is a problem putting sodium fluoride with calcium phosphates – so the Colgate paste uses Sodium Monofluorophosphate ( which has never been shown as effective as sodium fluoride). Colgate with monosodium phosphate was originally produced for third world countries I think – because it was cheaper to make.Crest remains the gold standard of all toothpaste in my eyes! Ellie Phillips DDS

  • Dr. Ellie says:

    Ruth: I am glad we have been able to help improve your oral health and I have no issues with you using Closys toothpaste. Many toothpastes generate sensitivity reactions – and this usually shows up as ulcers in the mouth.I discourage anyone from using the Crest ProHealth system and also Colgate Total ( which contains triclosan) also avoid pastes that supposedly stop sensitivity, or that contain baking soda or peroxide. If you have mouth ulcers – avoid any of the "latest" or "greatest" new whitening or tartar control toothpastes!! In my experience, Crest original toothpaste (the Cavity Protection paste) does contain a little SLS but it has never seemed to create an ulcer problem. I wonder if there is some binding agent that stops the SLS being an issue in this particular type of paste. The "Cavity Protection" is the only Crest paste that seems to be OK for people with SLS sensitivity. Most people use far too much toothpaste. This may be a good moment to suggest everyone cuts down on the amount of paste they use to clean their teeth.A rice-size grain of paste is all you need to clean a full mouth of teeth! ( Because plaque is easily removed when you have been nibbling xylitol all day!!). Ellie Phillips DDSwww.ZelliesCleanWhiteTeeth.comSolutions for Oral Health!author, Kiss Your Dentist Goodbye

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