Zellies sugar

Hello Dr. Ellie, 

I just recently ran out of zylitol toothpaste and waiting for my order to arrive. Can you tell me if it is okay to brush my teeth with the zylitol sugar. Sounds a little weird, but I figure it should be okay.



It is fine to brush teeth with a solution of xylitol in water weird, but yes, it will work!!

This solution is the foundation for the many toothpastes and gels that use xylitol in them.

However, I am concerned about xylitol toothpaste so far I have not found one I would recommend.

Many of these pastes, although “healthy” in their ingredient list, are too abrasive for enamel.

The same problem exists for xylitol mouth rinses. I have not found one that I like.

Many are acidic and unless you use fluoride afterwards, this acidity can be a problem for enamel……I am concerned…so, be careful!

I recommend a very specific group of oral care products. I recommend them because they heal and repair teeth (when used in the sequence I recommend).

If your teeth and gums are very healthy OK keep using what you are using…..BUT if your teeth are sensitive or you have gum recession no matter how “healthy” your cleaning products please try my alternatives. It could save your teeth!!

Best Wishes,

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