Coaching Programs

ULTIMATE_My Goal is to Help You Enjoy The Mouth Health You Deserve!I am here to help!
Do you have questions you’d like to ask me?

I am available to coach you through your oral health concerns and answer most questions you may have.

Many people that I consult with just want to have a better understanding of why they might be struggling with their oral health and what steps they can take towards improvement. Some common questions/concerns are:

  • Why does gum disease happen? What are some things that can help it go away?
  • How would I suddenly get a cavity at age 35 when I’ve never had one before?
  • I want to understand better how The Complete Mouth Care System works.
  • Why do my teeth hurt when I eat and drink certain things? How can I make this go away?
  • What should I be asking my dentist?
  • I have a dry mouth; what are some ways to improve this on a daily basis? Can I have healthy teeth if I have dry mouth?
  • We just found out my 2-year-old has multiple cavities! What should we do?
  • My teen needs braces. What are some things we need to think about BEFORE getting the braces?
Please note, I will not diagnose or treat via these coaching programs, but I am here to offer education and guidance to help you on your journey to improved oral health. 

Enter your information below to learn more about my Individual Coaching Sessions. 

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