On The Air with Patrick Timpone

Recently I spoke with Patrick Timpone on his One Radio Network radio show about everything oral health. I was originally scheduled for a 1-hour interview, but that turned into a 2+ hour interview and then another 2-hour follow-up interview!

I really enjoyed speaking with Patrick! We covered so much and I believe followers of my Complete Mouth Care System may be interested in the questions he asked me, and also about Oral DNA testing, a test which helps illustrate mouth health from a periodontal (gum) perspective.

At the end of the first interview, Patrick decided to take the Oral DNA test and learn more about HIS mouth health. He discovered a number of gum disease pathogens and he talked about the results during the second interview.

Patrick is now following my system and he will retest in a couple of months – to check on improvements and how things have changed since he started some new mouth care habits.

To listen to the show recordings or read the show highlights, please see links posted below.


July 31, 2017 Show Recording (1st hour):

July 31, 2017 Show Recording (2nd hour): 

August 15, 2017 Show Recording: https://soundcloud.com/oneradionetwork/081517-the-microbiome-of-the-mouth-august-15-2017


July 31, 2017 Show Highlights: https://oneradionetwork.com/all-shows/dr-ellie-phillips-d-d-s-unique-look-reversing-cavities-gum-disease-july-31-2017/

August 15, 2017 Show Highlights: https://oneradionetwork.com/all-shows/dr-ellie-phillips-d-d-s-august-15-2017/

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  • anon 111 says:


    if you come at it from the nutritional angle too, Dr. Ellie, it looks like Vit K2 is very important and also cod liver oil.

    i havent listened to the shows yet so maybe you have mentioned some of these things. The interesting thing is that animals in the wild, do they ever suffer from tooth decay (aside dogs and cats eating our modern dog and cat “food”) ? that tells me that something is missing from our diets and maybe the fact that we cook most of our food is also a problem.

  • lakdeepa says:

    Its a wonderful post and very helpful, thanks for all this information. You are including better information regarding this topic in an effective way.Thank you so much

    • I continue to try and learn ways to explain this science so that more people are able to understand. I hope to continue learning how to teach about oral health for many more years! Oral health is not rocket science, but it is far more complex than instructing someone to “brush and floss”. Thanks for your comments.

  • Patrick says:

    Thanks for sharing your experience and wisdom with us, Dr. Phillips. I read your book, and have been binge-watching your educational YouTube videos. I live in Canada.

    Except for the ACT anti-cavity rinse, I’ve obtained the items needed for your recommended 5-step program. Could you please tell us if the following Canadian alternatives for ACT anti-cavity rinse might be suitable:

    Product #1 – Denta Rinse Pro neutral pH

    Medicinal Ingredients: Sodium Fluoride .05% w/w.
    Non-medicinal Ingredients:pPurified water, xylitol 10%, glycerin, sodium benzoate, potassium sorbate, mint flavour, benzoic acid, grape flavour, cetylpyridinium chloride, FD&C red no. 40, citric acid, sodium hydroxide.

    Product #2 – X-Pur Opti Rinse.

    Medicinal Ingredients: 0.05% Sodium Fluoride (225 ppm F)
    Non-Medicinal Ingredients:purified water, xylitol (10%), glycerin, poloxamer 407, flavor sodium benzoate, benzoic acid, cetylpyridinium chloride, FD&C Yellow No. 6.

    Truly grateful for the work you’re doing to empower people.

    Kind Regards,


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