Have Healthier Teeth & Gums by Following These 5 Wellness Points!

Wishing for a healthier mouth in 2017? Want to put an end to gum disease, cavities, and other oral health issues? Take control of your own oral health. You can achieve Ultimate Oral Health this year by understanding these 5 Oral Wellness Points.

5 Oral Wellness Points

  1. Bacteria Transfer
  2. Eating Causes Acidity
  3. Saliva is Your Best Friend
  4. The Mouth’s Nightmare
  5. Mouth Health <-> Body Health

Bacteria Transfer
Mouth bacteria are both good and bad. There are substantially more good ones than bad, but the bad ones cause big problems like cavities and gum disease – so they are not welcome visitors in our mouths. These bacteria – good or bad – do not just stay on teeth, they can travel and reach places like our toothbrush bristles. This is why it is vital to clean your toothbrush as often as possible – ideally every day. Also get a new brush as often as possible, especially if you have cavities or are fighting gum disease.

The great news for families and friends is that when your mouth is healthy – you will be sharing healthy bacteria with the people you love. Early childhood is a time when the mouth bacterial composition is designed, and the input from family is very important in this process. Parents can clean their mouth health and feed good bacteria by consuming small amounts of xylitol at the end of every meal. Baby teeth can also be cleaned with a small amount of xylitol, rubbed or wiped over teeth.

Eating Causes Acidity
Every time we eat we can almost assume that acids are generated in our mouths. There are a few exemptions to this, but most foods contain natural or added sugars, carbohydrates or some form of acid. Organic, healthy foods can be as damaging as processed foods for teeth. Green smoothies often rate as some of the most damaging for teeth since kale and spinach contain oxalic acids which can destroy tooth enamel.

Acidity pulls minerals from teeth and also promotes the growth of unhealthy mouth bacteria. The longer the mouth remains acidic, the more damage is caused. Waiting for an hour before cleaning your teeth is allowing damage for too long each day. Eating a little xylitol mint or piece of pure xylitol gum after every meal, snack or drink will take away mouth acidity and also help to mineralize teeth and repair any defects.

[Read more about acidity and your teeth]

Saliva is Your Best Friend
Today there are a number of expensive “re-mineralizing” pastes and gels sold to repair soft, weak or sensitive teeth. Your own saliva contains the ideal mix of minerals and is far better than these artificial products for this job of mineralizing teeth. The problem is that minerals will only go into teeth when the mouth is at a specific and alkaline pH of around 7.4. Fortunately xylitol generates a flow of alkaline saliva in most mouths to bring it to this pH.

When saliva interacts with the surface of teeth, it will help the teeth to harden and become smoother and stronger. It’s important to give your teeth enough time to interact with saliva. Constant snacking and sipping is detrimental to this process and is the reason many people experience sensitive teeth. Saliva quality varies throughout the day and mid afternoon is the ideal time to stop eating and drinking and allow your teeth time to interact with your own natural saliva.

The Mouth’s Nightmare
The most difficult time for our mouth health is while we are sleeping. The mouth automatically becomes drier and our saliva more acidic – two conditions that wreck havoc on our teeth and gums. This is why it is so important to prepare our teeth before we go to sleep, helping them to overcome the difficulties of the hours while we are asleep. It’s no use thinking that you can clean your teeth in the morning and make up for ignoring them at night: it just doesn’t work that way.

It’s vital to clean and protect your teeth before going to sleep each night. Many products today are too acidic for mouth health, especially all the products made to whiten or control plaque in the mouth. Many toothpastes are equally poorly designed for the care that teeth need during the night.

My Complete Mouth Care System was designed specifically to care for teeth and protect them during the night. In fact, it does its job so well, your teeth may be stronger, shinier and look better in the morning than they did when you went to bed!

[Download my free “how to” guide for my Complete Mouth Care System]

Mouth Health <-> Body Health
Many studies point to various connections between mouth and body health. Body health also affects mouth health in a number of ways. Diet and good nutrition is vital if you are trying to correct a problem in your mouth, and I often talk with clients about their digestive health and the need to consider a good vitamin and mineral supplement in addition to a good digestive probiotic supplement.

The ideal time to develop mouth health is during the early years of childhood. In many countries xylitol is given to preschool children as xylitol candies during the school day. This has been a public health measure in Finland for about 50 years to prevent cavities, and prepare the mouths of children before the eruption of adult teeth. Healthy adult teeth require less treatment, no sealants and less maintenance care. Healthy teeth and gums will promote better general health and hopefully allow us all to live longer, healthier lives.


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10 replies

  1. Thank you, Dr. Ellie, and Happy New Year!
    Do you recommend any brushing or rinses immediately after getting up in the morning (I wear retainers at night so I’m sure I have plenty of unhealthy bacteria by the time I wake up). I generally do the complete system after breakfast unless I am in a hurry to get out the door (and not eating breakfast at home).

  2. Thanks for your question! I think it would be best to enjoy a Zellie mint as you get up if you want to freshen your breath. Most people find when they have stabilized their mouth health, and by using the Complete Mouth Care System every night, they wake up with a pleasant feel in their mouth. If you are not experiencing this, maybe consider using a few nasal squirts of a xylitol nasal spray, right before bed at night. The problem may be with your sinus health.

  3. Thank you Dr. Ellie for this very helpful information!
    I love receiving your blog posts! Your mouth care system has helped me so much!! Stay encouraged that you are making a BIG difference in people’s lives!

    Erin S

  4. Dear Dr. Ellie,
    Our household is on your system. I could tell within the first week that it’s everything you say it is. Before your system, I had such rapid plaque build up that I devoted over an hour each evening detail cleaning the daily plaque off my teeth (I invested in professional dental tools to get into all the small spa spaces.) Your system not only takes minutes to do, it also fights off the bacteria instead of just removing it. I am living proof that this system works and plan on writing a more detailed success story soon. Unfortunately, I have only recently discovered your system which leads me to my 18 month old son. I have contaminated his mouth with my bacteria and he has four front cavities. I would love to get your advice and opinion on things like if you think his teeth are too advanced and just doomed then what dental procedures do you recommend we do and don’t do? Do you recommend pulling baby teeth and putting spacers in instead of root canals, etc.? Could I buy your time for a phone consult or visit you? I am desperate and I trust you more than any other in this profession with my child. Thank you and God bless you for your wonderful system.

    • For an 18 month old, I would focus on regular use of xylitol. Xylitol as a mint, as granules on a toothbrush or even in a sippy cup – a small amount in water.
      Sodium Diamine Fluoride (SDF) is a product to investigate – it may be something to consider.
      I suggest you apply a small amount of Crest Cavity Protection toothpaste to the damaged teeth if you can. Use a cloth or brush if your son is OK with the taste. If not, try masking the taste with a drop of bubblegum ACT on the toothpaste.
      Your dentist may suggest fluoride varnish – which may be a help.
      The most important thing is to move forward…don’t worry too much about the damage. If your dentist suggests crowns etc, ask if his or her suggestions are NECESSARY or just for cosmetic value. Years ago, we left damaged baby teeth alone. We improved the mouth health and then these damaged teeth were no big deal!

  5. Hello Dr. Ellie,

    My wife recently discovered you and your oral health system and has begun to use it. I am also intrigued by what she has shared, but I have one thing holding me back. I had a heart valve replaced about 18 months ago, and since then I have been trying to do what I can through diet to improve my cardiovascular health. I have read about the benefits of leafy green vegetables in increasing nitric oxide in the blood-stream. I have also read that some antiseptic mouthwashes can drastically reduce the population of oral bacteria responsible for changing the nitrates in the leafy greens to nitrites and starting the process that eventually results in nitric oxide production.

    My question is whether starting your system, which includes using Closys and Listerine, would have the same effect of reducing the bacteria that help in nitric oxide production while killing off the bacteria responsible for tooth decay (I know that the studies I have been reading about all used mouthwashes that contained chlorhexidine, and that Closys and Listerine don’t contain that ingredient). I would appreciate any light you could shed on this.

    Frank H

    • Hi Frank. This is a very smart question! On the reverse side – you know ho important it is to reduce any inflammation, to minimize your risk for CVD. Periodontal perfection must be your goal and for this I recommend my Complete Mouth Care System!
      You may want to have an oral DNA test to find out the levels of periodontal pathogens in your mouth. (www.OralDNA.com – my periopath test.)
      I have used my Complete Mouth Care System for three decades and when I tested for Nitric Oxide I was satisfied that these rinses are not a problem. Closys turns to oxygen and only targets anaerobic bacteria. Listerine does not destroy biofilm but targets (with the essential oils it contains: eucalyptus, menthol and thymol) the outer shell of spore-type bacteria which are usually spirochetes and immature cocci in plaque.
      The bacteria on the tongue that are involved in the process of converting nitrates to nitric oxide do not appear harmed and may, in fact, be promoted by this system. I wrote to Listerine to see if they had definitive studies – but they did not respond.

  6. Thank you for sharing such helpful info!
    What to do about the sorbitol in ACT Anticavity? (Isn’t sorbitol food for the bad bacteria, as you’ve written in “Kiss Your Dentist Goodbye”?)

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