Meet Your Dental Plaque

Your mouth is full of bacteria — both good, protective, beneficial bacteria and harmful, disease-promoting bacteria. Just like with the bacteria in your gut, the goal for a healthy mouth is to promote the good, protective bacteria and keep the bad bacteria at bay. And guess what…xylitol does just that!

Check out this cool video that researchers from the Forsyth Institute in Cambridge, Mass. put together showing these bacterial communities in your mouth.

Blooming Bacteria

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  • marius says:

    Hello doctor,
    There is a new toothpaste in france called Zendium. It contains enzyme ( lysosyme),colostrum and sodium fluoride (1450 ppm).
    Do you think it could be an alternative to crest, which we can’t find in france ?
    the composition : Aqua, Hydrated Silica, Sorbitol, Glycerin, Steareth-30, Xanthan Gum, Aroma, Carrageenan, Disodium Phosphate, Sodium Fluoride, Amyloglucosidase, Citric Acid, Zinc Gluconate, Sodium Benzoate, Glucose Oxidase, Sodium Saccharin, Lysozyme, Potassium Thiocyanate, Colostrum, Lactoferrin, Lactoperoxidase, CI 77891.Contient du Fluorure de Sodium (1450 ppm F) et des protéines de lait\/œuf.

    • Hi and thanks for your question. This may work – but I am cautious about recommendations unless I have witnessed personal evidence of success in multiple patients over many years.There are many useless products in the marketplace. On the other hand, you may have to use something else and possibly compromise. Please let us know what YOU think of this paste after a few weeks, months and years. One hint is to ensure it makes your mouth FEEL good after using it.

      • marius says:

        hello doctor,
        It has been a week now, and my mouth feels great, much better. I think I have deep periodontal pockets. I had bad breath even with your system, I used Elmex and fluorigard. I switch for zendium and the difference is very noticeable. There is only one issue, I feel my mouth is more acidic especially in the morning, so I try to use more xylytol.
        Good news! We can buy crest (us version) and act on, so I’ll be able to try the real stuff.

        • It is amazing how only the specific products appear to work. When people have to use substitute products – we never get the same results. Glad that you are working through the problems!

  • Erin Sego says:

    Hi Dr. Ellie,

    What do you think about the Perio Protect system?


    • I am not a fan of hydrogen peroxide. There are many facts about hydrogen peroxide in relation to wound healing and although a one-time use may clean the area, repeated use of hydrogen peroxide can delay wound healing and create “free radicals”….which can create long-term problem and serious complications for the skin/mucosa of the mouth. Also hydrogen peroxide releases mercury from silver amalgam fillings – so it would be EVEN more of a problem for anyone with silver fillings in their teeth.

  • Dennis says:

    Hi Dr. Ellie,

    Do you have any suggestions or recommendations on caring for dental implants? I had an injury when I was 17 (I am now 36), which required crowns on my two front teeth.

    About a year ago, my periodontist recommended a bone graft (due to some bone loss surrounding my two front teeth) and also recommended replacing the existing crowns with dental implants. The bone graft was completed a year ago and the dental implants were placed about 6 months ago. I have temporary crowns now and expect to have permanent crowns placed in the next few months.

    I have no cavities and have excellent overall oral health. I have also been using your system along with xylitol with great results. My dentist is suggesting I use an oral irrigator to properly clean debris from both implants/crowns.

    Oral irrigators seem like they would be harsh on gums, but I could be wrong. Do you have any suggestions or recommendations on cleaning dental implants?


    • I wonder why your dentist recommends the oral irrigator if you have excellent oral health. I have seen this equipment help some people with deep pocketing but I advise people to AVOID irrigation if there is shallow pocketing (between 1 and 4mm). I agree with you that it may be too harsh in these mouths and my experience is that with shallow pockets around 4mm the irrigator can stop the pockets from healing completely. If you have NO pocketing and want to use this equipment – I think it is probably safe – but it is certainly not essential.

  • Peter says:

    Hi Dr Ellie

    I have just started your complete mouth care system system.

    What are your thoughts on adding oral probiotics? I have just started taking the hyperbiotics brand from amazon as they were the most popular and let 1 dissolve in my mouth after the final fluoride rinse twice a day? Do you reccommend this?


    • I recommend digestive probiotics since it is important that our digestion supports our immune system – which then supports our oral health.
      I have not been convinced that oral probiotics are of any use. I don’t think anyone knows for certain – and I am not convinced by the studies, since some showed oral probiotics can unbalance mouth health.
      I suggest you save your money and instead, purchase a good digestive probiotic or food-derived nutritional supplements.

  • Maggie says:

    I suffered from halitosis since puberty with dry mouth. I came upon the conclusion that commercial toothpastes were causing the problem. So, I use Biotene toothpaste and chew xylitol gum. I do feel more of a saliva flow with the xylitol. I have good health and teeth otherwise. Am I on the right track to dealing with the halitosis? I use the Orabrush on my tongue as well as a saline nasal wash.

    • I suggest you follow my complete mouth care system, paying special attention to the use of pure xylitol gum (like Zellies) after every meal. This will protect your mouth from acidity.
      Acidity promotes the bad bacteria of halitosis. Unfortunately Biotene is acidic – so it will work against you.
      Also disinfect your toothbrush every time you use it and never keep it covered or in a bag. Brushes must air dry between uses.
      I have two brushes (one for morning and one for night) so they can dry thoroughly between uses.
      Never store near a toilet area. Clean your teeth in the kitchen if necessary!

  • Susan Stukes says:

    Hello…Such a nice post..I never heard before how much Dental Plaque is serous..After reading your post.Now I get aware of it.I really appreciate your post to spread awareness among people through this post.

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