Prepare to Repair!

It’s frightening to be told you have a disease in your mouth. Even those who brush their teeth and visit the dentist can end up with dental problems. Despite the fact that dentistry is Evidence Based, more specialized, and more available to the public than ever before, dental diseases continues to destroy teeth of children and adults – almost unchecked. 

Modern dentistry is fantastic at repairing damaged teeth and making them look good again, but it’s important to remember that the disease that caused the damage continues and will cause more problems down the road. You must never forget that fixing teeth is not the same as preventing dental infection – the disease that caused damage. Don’t trust the marvels of dentistry to protect you from future problems – because it cannot. This is something you have to do yourself with the help of good nutrition, good oral hygiene, and xylitol!

Most people “trust” their dentist – and want to believe they control cavities and dental disease. People have difficulty thinking a tiny Zellie’s mint or piece of gum can do more to prevent future dental problems than their dentist – with all his or her graduate training and expertise. A few grams of xylitol seems so small and insignificant to fight such big dental problems, like periodontal disease and caries. Even dentists have trouble putting faith in xylitol – until they see the results! 

If you have been diagnosed with dental problems, why not take a step of faith and try including a Zellie’s mint or piece of gum after every meal, snack, or drink, for a few months? Set yourself up to enjoy the benefits of prevention as you wait for your next appointment. Your dentist will do everything dentally possible to fix your teeth, but you will likely discover how much he appreciates your help and the help of Zellie’s mints and gum. 

Please let us know when improvements are witnessed at your next dental appointment and share your story – to help others believe in the power of xylitol! 

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