The ADA’s Message vs. Xylitol

Most dentists belong to the American Dental Association (ADA), an organization that co-ordinates and advertises dentistry. The ADA works with insurance companies to get as many men, women and children as possible to visit dental offices regularly. The ADA promotes the idea that we must brush, floss and visit the dentist every 6 months. This idea seems to make sense, but let’s look at the results?

Three-quarters of teens in the US have fillings or cavities, and today we have a nation-wide epidemic of decay in preschool children. 50% of thirty-year-olds have gum disease, and things don’t get better for adults -even those who visit the dentist and brush and floss regularly. The ADA supports the premise that dentists fix teeth when problems happen. A dentist cannot prevent cavities any more than a doctor can stop a sore throat!

Cavities are a bacterial infection and the easiest way to stop cavities is to eat a little xylitol each day. Cavity bacteria grow and multiply at the end of meals – when they feed on sugars in our foods and drinks. Cavity bacteria produce acids that destroy teeth – in addition to acids that may be in foods themselves.

Xylitol at the end of meals will protect teeth from acidity and protect teeth from harmful cavity-bacteria. One to two grams of xylitol five times a day, preferably at the end of meals or drinks, can reduce plaque by 98% at the end of six months. Why not try this and impress your dentist at your next office visit!

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  • Stephen Reich says:

    Thanks for the post.

  • fjelly says:

    My dental health has definitely benefited from using xylitol after meals. However, if the xylitol is flavored with peppermint or spearmint this can contributed to gastric esophageal re-flux, as mint is known to relax the lower esophageal sphincter. I now use only plain granulated xylitol or berry flavored (i.e. mint-free) “mints” after meals.

    • What great news – and remember – Zellie’s Polar Bears are very mild flavored and so is the Fresh Fruit Gum!
      How is cinnamon for you?I think it should be good for digestion and also good for mouth health!
      Thanks so much for your message. Here is a link to Zellie’s shopping cart: LINK

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