• Sherrie Owen says:

    Dr. Ellie–My husband and I have been using your mouthcare system for nearly 3 months now. We LOVE it!! It makes our mouth feel and taste so good and although I have very sensitive teeth and have used Sensodyne for years….the sensitivity has not returned with the lack of use. Here’s my question….Can using the harsh Listerine cause any sores on the tongue?? This is happening to me. I wondered if having the Listerine and Fluoride rinse ‘on’ the tongue overnight is causing this??
    Would love to hear your input….Thanks!

    • Hi Sherrie and thanks for your message. I know Listerine tastes “harsh” but it is actually essential oils in Listerine that are so effective. Think of Listerine as “liquid floss” and vigorously swish it in and out between your teeth – to clean this area more safely and effectively than you could with a length of string! I only recommend Original or Cool Mint Listerine – don’t use newer “flavors”, whitening, or the purple kind – they are NOT the same formulation. Maybe reduce the time you rinse with Listerine. Providing your gums are healthy, 15 – 30 seconds is probably enough. Ensure you use the Listerine step immediately after the toothpaste – no water rinsing between the steps. Ensure you have the correct ACT formulation also – avoid the new large bottles and also avoid ACT Total Care – Use only the original anti-cavity version. If you need to check the products, you can look through the guide we just created here.

  • Sherrie Owen says:

    Thanks for your response! This helps tremendously!!!

  • Matt K says:

    Hi Dr Ellie

    I just got back from the dentist after having some tooth pain under a big filling. Having a root canal done friday. However, he also told me that I need 4-5 fillings. I thought this must be a mistake because just 2 months ago my dentist said that it could be my last filling, but there were other small lesions which would have to be filled eventually. I decided to post on Reddit to get other opinions, and now I have people telling me I need NINE fillings. I can’t believe it, i’m so upset. I’m only 18 and already have 9 fillings, and if I need another 9 I don’t know what I will do.

    I will admit, my oral hygiene never used to be A*. I would lazily brush 1-2 times a day. However, my brother with similar habits only has 2 fillings. Part of it could be to blame that I had moderately bad mineral deficiencies up until 2 years ago, as my stomach wasn’t absorbing food. I have tablets for that now. AND, I had a stage in my life of being addicted to energy drinks (3 a day).

    For the last two months i’ve been on a paleo diet, using your mouthwash system (substituting Colsys for Corsodyl, we don’t have it in the UK), brushing 3 times a day, flossing twice, I’ve been using granular Xylitol in a water mouthwash, green tea, and in chewing gums. All Xylitol is 100%. The only bad food I eat is when I order takeaway… when life throws you lemons it’s the only cure! I also oil pull every night with coconut oil (I hear it kills bacteria, and it gets in-between the teeth which is good).

    My question is, should I get these fillings done? I will supply you with my x-rays now:


    So many dentists (including all of them on reddit) are stuck in the frame of mind that once decay hits the dentin, IT MUST BE FILLED. I really don’t know who to believe. Do you have any x-ray evidence of someone reversing a dentin infected cavity.. i.e. regrowing dentin. Also another question, when the dentin does grow back, does the enamel ever grow back over it? Or does the dentin just mineralise and become hard?

    What do you think I should do? I REALLY want to reverse these cavities. My dad recently died, i’ve had expensive items stolen from me, and now i’m going to have another 9 fillings. 2013 really has not been great for me… I really hope you reply!


    • Wow! Matt, you have a lot of damage to your teeth!
      Yes, the decay has reached the dentin – and things will deteriorate quickly, if you allow it.

      On the other hand, you can turn your problems around – and I would love to help you.
      I would LOVE to post YOUR X-Rays in two years’ time – with cavities gone and no fillings!
      Think of the PR for Zellies!! Yes!! Let’s do this!

      You would have to be VERY serious to turn this situation around, and you will need to work hard to protect your teeth every day.
      I believe you need me as your coach – and so we should communicate by direct email.
      I need to ensure you thoroughly understand what harms teeth and how you must protect them.
      I will offer you this coaching service for free – no charge – to help make 2013 a happier year for you!

      There will be NO more ENERGY DRINKS! No sipping drinks!
      You’ll have to sign up for my newsletter and learn all there is to learn about teeth, but I WILL help you to reverse these cavities and avoid fillings. Please contact me by email through ellie@zellies.com and let’s talk about the products you should use – since it’s difficult to get everything you need in the UK.

      For the rest of my readers: Matt and I will keep you posted as we work together on his problem teeth! I will post about caries into dentin, and why I believe this is not a problem when you use xylitol and fluoride rinsing. I will post about how remineralization is stimulated and how enamel grows back under the correct conditions.
      If he agrees, Matt will tell you how things go for him ….. what happens…..

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